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Beautiful Hangover Master List

Title: Beautiful Hangover Status: On-going Pairings: Eunhae, Sihae, Kihae, Haesica, kyumin Rating: R and higher in later chapters Warning: Mention of drug use, addiction, sexual situations. If you’re a fan of monogamy don’t read this XD swearing Summary: Kyuhyun invents a drug that is so powerful it changes your life, one taste and you’re hooked.

Prologue    Chapter 1    Chapter 2   Chapter 3 part 1   Chapter 3 part 2   Chapter 4   Chapter 5   Chapter 6    Chapter 7   Chapter 8   Chapter9   Chapter10   Chapter11   Chapter12   Chapter13   Chapter14   Chapter15part1   Chapter15part2   Chapter16part1   Chapter16part2  
Tags: beautiful hangover, master list

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