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Donghae loves it when Eunhyuk gets rough

Title: Donghae loves it when Eunhyuk gets Rough
Pairing: Hyukhae

Length: One-shot

Rating: NC-17

Genre: Smut; my first Eunhae smut :D

Summary: Donghae likes it when Eunhyuk gets rough


A/N: This is for my Sherbear[info]eunhaesherry becuse she said i had to make it up to her for writing Sihae smut. She said if i didn't she was going to kill Siwon XD here you go Sherbear now please put down the weapons XD this is also for everyone who wanted to kill me for writng Sihae


Donghae snuck out of his room to go to the dorm below, he was having a hard time sleeping and he wanted to feel Eunhyuk hug him to sleep.

When he opened the door he did not expect to find his boyfriend on the couch watching porn.

“W-What are you doing?” he quietly scolded the older while covering his eyes.

“I…Uhh…what are you doing here?” Eunhyuk asked back just as accusingly

“I-I couldn’t sleep” Donghae said “But I’d rather not sleep…somewhere else” he said before he turned around and ran to the door, but Eunhyuk was faster.

“Why don’t you stay here and not sleep with me” Eunhyuk said seductively in Donghae’s ear.

“I…I…we have a schedule tomorrow” Donghae tried to reason out

“That’s never stopped us before” Eunhyuk said licking Donghae’s ear.

“Y-Yeah but t-this is dance practice” Donghae said

“I’ll be gentle” Eunhyuk offered

“You’re never gentle” Donghae retorted

“Because you get mad when I’m gentle” Eunhyuk confessed causing Donghae to go red.

“I…” he was at a loss for words.

“Come on Hae” Eunhyuk breathes into Donghae’s ear, sending a shiver of pleasure down Donghae’s spine.

Donghae didn’t say anything so Eunhyuk turns him around and moves his face close to Donghae’s, so close that their lips are softly brushing against each other.

“I need you” Eunhyuk says slowly and with every word he speaks his lips ghost over Donghae’s, creating a series of tickling kisses.

“Then take me” Donghae says, knees going weak.

Eunhyuk pushes him slightly hard against the wall, Donghae’s head making a soft thud when hitting the wall. He doesn’t have time to dwell on the slight pain as Eunhyuk’s lips connect onto his in a rough kiss.

The kiss is desperate and wet but completely perfect at the same time and Donghae can’t remember why he wanted to leave in the first place.

Eunhyuk runs his tongue across Donghae’s bottom lip, begging for access into the younger’s sweet cavern. Donghae complies as he slightly parts his lips and moans when Eunhyuk forces his tongue inside.

Eunhyuk slowly runs his tongue along the roof of Donghae’s mouth, it never fails to leave the younger wanting more.

Donghae moves his hands that were clawing at the wall to Eunhyuk’s neck. He wraps them around and pulls himself closer, their groins making contact. The friction has them both moaning for more.

Eunhyuk moves his hands down Donghae’s ribs to his hips and then around to his ass, squeezing lightly before he lifts the younger man up.

Donghae wraps his legs around Eunhyuk’s waist and continues to try to deepen the kiss.

Eunhyuk pushes off the wall slightly only to slam Donghae back against it. Donghae groans when his back hits the wall, he loved it when Eunhyuk got rough.

Donghae wanted more; he wanted to be slammed into the wall with Eunhyuk inside of him. And being as impatient as he was he put his hand in Eunhyuk’s hair and yanked hard, effectively making Eunhyuk pay attention to him.

“Fuck me” Donghae demanded

“So impatient” Eunhyuk chuckled and tried to move in for another kiss but got denied by Donghae pulling his hair again.

Donghae un-wrapped his legs from around Eunhyuk’s waist “We have a schedule tomorrow and it’s already very late” he said and then licked Eunhyuk’s lips before pulling the older man down the hall.

Once they reached Eunhyuk’s bedroom Donghae pulled Eunhyuk inside and locked the door before turning around and kissing the older man.

Eunhyuk moaned as Donghae’s hands snuck between their bodies and unbuckled his belt. Donghae’s skilled hands had Eunhyuk’s pants around his ankles before they even reached the bed.

Donghae pushed Eunhyuk onto the bed and started to unbuckle his own pants “Take your shirt off” he demanded and Eunhyuk complied as he pulled his t-shirt over his head and threw it randomly on the floor.

Donghae pulled his pants and shirt off, so that he too was only in his boxers.

“Off” he demanded when he climbed into the bed after grabbing the lube from Eunhyuk’s nightstand.

Eunhyuk was taking too long so Donghae pulled the boxers off himself. He admired the toned naked body of his lover, licking his lips in anticipation.

“I thought you were in a hurry” Eunhyuk laughed when he noticed Donghae staring at his body “Like what you see?”

Donghae nodded “What are you waiting for?” Donghae said lying down beside Eunhyuk spreading his legs open.

Eunhyuk sat up and looked at his lover spread out before of him demanding to be fucked, there was never a more perfect sight in his opinion.

“Here” Donghae said handing Eunhyuk the lube “skip the foreplay and get to fucking me” he demanded and Eunhyuk smirked

“As you wish” he said before he pulled Donghae’s boxes off, throwing him behind his head.

He opened the bottle and poured a generous amount of the clear liquid onto his fingers. He moved so he was sitting in between Donghae’s legs, he leaned down and kissed Donghae before he pushed in a finger.

Donghae moaned and Eunhyuk swallowed it as he plunged his tongue into Donghae’s mouth, slowly pushing his finger in and out of Donghae’s hole.

When Donghae started to rock his hips so Eunhyuk’s finger would go deeper, he pushed in a second finger. Scissoring the younger as he sloppily kissed Donghae, when he felt Donghae relax he pushed in a third finger.

He curled his fingers and grinned into the kiss when Donghae emitted a loud moan, he had found the younger’s prostate. He repeatedly slammed his fingers inside of the younger’s hole until Donghae was grabbing at the sheets.

“Enough” Donghae said with a moan and Eunhyuk smiled as he continued to finger Donghae.

Donghae was getting angry, he wanted more, he wanted Eunhyuk inside of him.

“Enough” Donghae growled kicking Eunhyuk off him. He crawled on top of the still shocked man, and without warning Donghae lowered himself onto Eunhyuk’s shaft.

They both moaned at the sudden change. Donghae lifts himself back up and slams down onto Eunhyuk’s shaft. Eunhyuk brings his hands up to Donghae’s waste as he helps the younger man ride his cock.

Eunhyuk starts to meet Donghae halfway and watches as Donghae throws his head back and moans wantonly.

The sight ignites the animal inside of Eunhyuk and he changes their position so that Donghae is now underneath him with his legs resting on his shoulders. Eunhyuk leans down and kisses Donghae before he slams his cock into Donghae’s hole, hitting the younger’s pleasure spot with the first try.

He repeatedly slams into Donghae and Eunhyuk watches as Donghae becomes a moaning mess.

“H-Harder” Donghae demands clawing at Eunhyuk’s back and Eunhyuk complies slamming into Donghae with a new found speed.

Donghae screams out in pure ecstasy and it fuels Eunhyuk to move faster. He thrusts into Donghae a few more times before he pulls out completely. Donghae grunts at the loss.

Eunhyuk pull Donghae off the bed and grabs his ass so Donghae has to wrap his legs around Eunhyuk’s waist. Eunhyuk reinserts his dick back into Donghae’s abused hole and Donghae moves hips so he can feel Eunhyuk inside of him.

Eunhyuk slams Donghae into the wall, causing a loud bang as Donghae’s head collides with the wall.

Donghae would have protested if it wasn’t for the fact that Eunhyuk was now slamming his cock into his ass harder and faster than he was before.

Donghae throws his head back and it hits the wall as Eunhyuk hits his pleasure spot with every ferocious thrust.

Eunhyuk pulls out of Donghae and Donghae’s feet hit the floor, he starts kissing Donghae as they walk across the room.

When they are standing in front of a full length mirror, Eunhyuk breaks the kiss and makes Donghae face the mirror. Bending him over slightly he thrusts back into Donghae’s hole without any warning.

Their eyes lock in the mirror and Eunhyuk snakes his hand around and starts pumping Donghae’s cock at the same time as his thrusts.

After a few thrusts it becomes too much for Donghae to handle and he cums all over Eunhyuk’s hand and the mirror.

The feeling of Donghae’s wall squeezing against his member makes Eunhyuk cum into Donghae’s hole hard. He continues to slowly thrust into Donghae even after he’s come down from his high.

Donghae has yet to recover and is leaning onto the mirror; the only thing keeping him from falling to his knees is the mirror and Eunhyuk’s hands around his waist.

After a minute Eunhyuk finally pulls out and receives a grunt from Donghae in protest. Eunhyuk carries the younger man to the bed and he falls asleep as soon as he touches the bed.

Eunhyuk chuckles and climbs in with the younger, covering them in blankets and hugging his lover to sleep.


***The Next Day***


Donghae walked into the dance studio with a limp.

“What happened to you?” Siwon asked concerned

“I fell” Donghae said trying to brush off the younger man

“On what?” He pried

“On Eunhyuk’s dick” Yesung said walking in after Donghae “You seriously need to learn to be quieter, I couldn’t sleep at all”

Siwon and Donghae both turned red and Heechul’s laugh could be heard from behind them.

“So I guess the porn helped get you laid then” He said to Eunhyuk and Donghae turned to glare at the pair

“You planned this?” he asked threateningly

“Yes” Eunhyuk said with a gummy smile

“You’re so dead” Donghae yelled

“You have to catch me first” Eunhyuk yelled as he ran away know the latter wouldn’t be able to catch him.


Tags: one-shot, pairing: eunhyuk/donghae

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  • 4 Drabbles

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