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Beautiful Hangover Chapter 7

Title: Beautiful Hangover
Chapter: 7/?
Pairings: Eunhae, Kyumin, Sihae, Kihae, Haesica
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Mention of drug use, addiction, sexual situations, swearing and violence
Summary: Kyuhyun invents a drug that is so powerful it changes your life, one taste and you’re hooked.



Donghae made his way towards Siwon’s apartment, he wasn’t in any rush to get back, he had far too many things to think about.

“Maybe it was just the heat” he said, trying to convince himself that what he felt for Eunhyuk was just himself falling into the romanticism of the moment.

By the time he reached Siwon’s door he had convinced himself that he had fell for Eunhyuk’s sweet words not Eunhyuk himself. That coupled with the fact that Eunhyuk was hot and Donghae probably just wanted to get laid.

He inserted the key and unlocked the door, unconsciously taking a deep breath before he opened it and stepped in.

“I’m back” Donghae called

“Welcome home” Siwon answered as he walked up to Donghae and kissed him on the lips. It felt different then it had yesterday but Donghae just assumed he was thinking too much.

“Did you miss me?” Donghae asked when Siwon pulled away from the kiss “Of course you did….” He trailed off. Donghae started at Siwon’s face and a frown started to form “What the fuck happened to your face?” Donghae asked after a minute of silently staring at the older man.

“That dealer friend of yours was jumped in the alley and I ran down to help him” Siwon lied, remembering the conversation he had with Sungmin just an hour ago.

“Sungmin was jumped? And you helped him?” Donghae questioned slowly

“Yes” Siwon answered a little too quickly

Donghae knew it was a lie but he didn’t push any further “Okay” he said slowly “does your face still hurt?” he asked

“No” Siwon said

Donghae nodded his head but didn’t say anything, why was Siwon lying to him?

“Are you hungry?” Siwon asked, not being able to handle the intense stare from Donghae, he wouldn’t be able to lie if the younger man continued to look at him like that.

“No” Donghae said “I’m just tired” spending all day with Eunhyuk and running around the city really took a toll on his body.

“Why don’t you go take a shower?” Siwon offered, wanting to get away from Donghae’s knowing gaze.

“Join me?” Donghae asked

“No” Siwon said “its okay, I think I’m just going to eat something”

“Okay” Donghae said slowly. Siwon was acting weird; he never refused taking a shower with the younger man, especially because it usually ended up with them having sex.

Donghae made his way towards the shower but stopped when Siwon called him

“Kyuhyun wants to see you” Siwon informed the younger man

“Did he say when?” Donghae asked

“No, Sungmin didn’t mention a time”

“Okay, then I’ll just go see him tomorrow” Donghae said before he started to walk back towards the bathroom to take his shower.



Sungmin finally opened his eyes when he felt the intense stare from his lover. He knew Kyuhyun wasn’t just talking about him getting hit; he wanted Sungmin to tell him about his past. But Sungmin couldn’t trust Kyuhyun with that; he wasn’t willing to let the younger man completely into his heart. He had done it once before and all it got him was a few trips to the hospital.

He knew Kyuhyun would never hit him, would never hurt him physically but Kyuhyun could hurt him worse than anyone else ever could. Because Sungmin loved Kyuhyun more than he loved anyone else, more than he would ever love anyone ever again and because of that Sungmin tried to guard his heart from Kyuhyun. Sungmin knew that if Kyuhyun ever hurt him that would be the end of him.

“I love you” Sungmin said and it was completely honest and heart felt that it caught Kyuhyun off guard.

Sungmin always said “I love you” but it was always like an automatic thing, never heartfelt. It’s like he was trained to say it and after years of abuse it didn’t really mean anything anymore, so Kyuhyun was always skeptical to say it back because he wanted Sungmin to know it was true. So when Kyuhyun said he loved Sungmin he always tried to convey complete honesty.

“I love you too” Kyuhyun said trying to show Sungmin he meant it from his whole heart.

Tears welled in Sungmin eyes before he leaned down and kissed Kyuhyun.



Donghae stepped into the shower, letting the warm rays of water wash away all the tension he suddenly felt.

He closed his eyes and instantly the image of Eunhyuk smiling flooded his thoughts.

“Shit” he gasped as he opened his eyes. He scrubbed his body and hair as he tried to think about anything but that gummy smile. He wasn’t falling for Eunhyuk, people feel for him it wasn’t the other way around.

“Maybe I should just fuck him” he said to himself when he turned off the water. He smiled after a minute when his words finally sunk in. That was it, he was just sexually frustrated. All he needed to do was have sex with Eunhyuk. That would fix everything.



Kyuhyun pushed all the contents of his desk onto the floor, he then lay Sungmin on the cold surface. He crawled on top of him and started to unbutton the older man’s shirt. He leaned down and kissed Sungmin gently, minding the older males cut lip. He moved his lips up and softly kissed the bruise that had formed on Sungmin’s cheek. When he moved to kiss the older’s forehead he stopped and looked into Sungmin’s eyes “I love you” Kyuhyun said and Sungmin just nodded, not being able to speak.

Kyuhyun then moved to suck on Sungmin’s earlobe, earning a slight moan, causing Kyuhyun to smile as he trailed feather light kisses down Sungmin’s neck. When he reached his collar bone he ran his tongue across it before biting down near the center. Sungmin let out a gasp from shock but arched his back when Kyuhyun started sucking on the spot he had bit down on.

Kyuhyun lifted Sungmin a bit so he could remove the rest of his shirt, but frowned when he saw the purplish bruise on his ribs. Someone had kicked his lover in the ribs and that fact made Kyuhyun see red, Sungmin noticed this and propped himself up on his elbows

“Kyu” he said “I love you” before he leaned up further and kissed Kyuhyun, lightly biting on the younger’s lip.

Kyuhyun, not forgetting about his lovers injuries let himself get distracted by Sungmin’s kiss. He would find who did this later, but for now he had more important things to attend to.



Donghae was lying in bed, on the verge of falling asleep. His eyes where heavy and his thoughts were on a certain client with a gummy smile; all Donghae could think about was how it felt to kiss Eunhyuk.

He closed his eyes and let sleep drift him away to dream land.



Kyuhyun and Sungmin were now completely naked and Kyuhyun reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a bottle of clear liquid. He opened the bottle and poured a generous amount of lube on to his fingers.

He leaned down and captured Sungmin’s lips into a kiss as he pushed one of his lubed fingers into Sungmin’s hole. Sungmin moaned into the kiss as Kyuhyun pushed his finger in and out. Kyuhyun slipped his tongue into Sungmin’s mouth as he added a second finger, he scissored and stretched Sungmin until he felt Sungmin pushing back onto his fingers and then he added the third.

Sungmin felt a tiny sting that quickly faded away when Kyuhyun curved his fingers and brushed against his prostate. He let out a moan and their kiss turned sloppy as Sungmin started to rock his hips against Kyuhyun’ fingers, wanting to feel more.

Kyuhyun took this as a sign that the older man was prepared enough so he pulled out his fingers and earned a frustrated grunt from Sungmin. Kyuhyun smiled and leaned down to focus on the kiss as he coated his length in lube.

Without any warning he pushed into Sungmin wholly causing the older man to moan loudly and break away from the kiss. Kyuhyun’s pace was slow as he rocked his hips back and forth letting the older man adjust to his length.

Sungmin clawed at Kyuhyun’s back in frustration, he wanted the younger man to move faster so he started to rock his hips back to meet Kyuhyun’s thrusts. Kyuhyun caught onto Sungmin’s wish and he picked up his pace, instantly hitting Sungmin’s pleasure spot.

Sungmin moaned out wantonly and clung onto Kyuhyun as the younger man slammed his shaft into him. Sungmin saw stars when Kyuhyun grabbed his length and started pumping it in time with his thrusts. He could feel the familiar tightening in his abdomen, he was close.

“C-Close” Sungmin managed to say in between moans and Kyuhyun picked up his speed, slamming into Sungmin’s prostate with every rapid thrust.

Sungmin came hard crying out Kyuhyun’s name, spreading his seed onto Kyunhyun’s hand and both of their chests.

At the feel of Sungmin’s walls tightening Kyuhyun leaned his head against Sungmin’s forehead and whispered “I love you” before he came deep inside Sungmin.

Sungmin moaned when he felt Kyuhyun cum inside of him “I love you too” he said when he managed to regain his voice. Kyuhyun kissed him before he pulled out of the older man’s hole, gaining a grunt of protest from the latter. Kyuhyun chuckled at his boyfriend’s cuteness and gave his a quick kiss on the lips before he rolled of Sungmin and went to pick up their discarded clothes that were scattered around the room.



“Ready” Eunhyuk whispered as he positioned his shaft in front of Donghae’s hole. Donghae nodded and leaned up to kiss Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk used the kiss as a distraction as he pushed his length into Donghae’s tight hole.

Donghae broke away from the kiss when he threw his head back and moan loudly. Eunhyuk bit his bottom lip and used all his will power not to start slamming into Donghae. Donghae panted and arched his back when he felt Eunhyuk’s slow thrusts. It wasn’t enough, Donghae wanted more, he wanted it hard, he did not want Eunhyuk to be gentile.

“Move” he demanded and just to prove he was serious he started to rock his hips against Eunhyuk, trying to get Eunhyuk’s shaft deeper into his whole. He moaned unashamedly when Eunhyuk’s member brushed against his prostate.

Eunhyuk was admiring the blissful expression of lust spread on Donghae’s face that he failed to notice how slow his pace was.

“Move” Donghae said again, clawing Eunhyuk’s back. He desperately wanted Eunhyuk to fuck him senseless, not stare into his eyes lovingly “Fuck me” he practically yelled.


“Donghae…Donghae wake up” Siwon called, gently rocking the younger boys shoulders.

“Huh?” Donghae said waking up from the sudden movement.

“You were tossing and turning” Siwon informed the recently woken up Donghae “Where you having a nightmare?” he asked

“Uhh…” Donghae said thinking about his dream, in a way it was a nightmare; Eunhyuk hadn’t fucked him the way he had wanted him too “Yes” he said

Siwon just pushed away Donghae’s sweaty hair that was stuck onto his forehead “Do you want to talk about it?” he asked

Donghae smiled at the sweet gesture but shook his head “I’m fine now” he said “maybe I should rinse off some of this sweat”

“Okay” Siwon said and Donghae stood up, making sure Siwon didn’t see his erection and walked towards the bathroom.

He stripped off his pajamas and stepped into the shower. When the water started he leaned against the tiles in the shower and started to stroke his cock, images from his dream flashing behind his eyes. He came quietly moaning Eunhyuk’s name and let the water wash away any signs of his release.

When he finished his shower he dressed in one of Siwon’s shirts and a pair of fresh boxers before he climbed back into bed with Siwon.

“You smell nice” Siwon said as he wrapped his arms around Donghae’s waist and pulled him close to his body.

“Thanks” Donghae said as he closed his eyes and tried to forget about the fact that he just had his first sex dream, or the fact that he felt oddly uncomfortable in Siwon’s arms.

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