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It's the end of the world, now everybody K.R.Y.

Title: It’s the End of the World: Now Everybody K.R.Y.

Part: 1/5
Pairing: none, Super Junior K.R.Y. Friendship

Rating: R

Genre: Apocalypse AU

Disclaimer: I do not own Super Junior

Warning: Character death, suicide...for those of you who know me: I wrote this after I ate sugar, you've been warned

Summary: It was too hard to live in a world on the verge of destruction… “I can’t take it anymore” Ryeowook cried. (stupid summary I know, but I really don’t know how to summarize something like this)




When people started saying the world was going to end no one believed them, but when the sun didn’t grace the sky for a week people started to listen.

There was panic in the streets. It would seem that the absents of light brought the scum of the Earth out of their hiding places. The crime rate increased at an overwhelming pace.

All you could do was hide in your homes as you watched building around you burn, silently praying they would leave you alone.

Anarchy found a new fallowing in the end days. Governments fell as Chaos became the new world order. If the whole world was going to end why not destroy every last miracle on the planet?

Churches were burned down to the foundation. Libraries and Museum’s where stripped bare, their contents burned in the middle of the streets.

Months would pass by and the bodies would pile up in the streets. Roads would be blocked off by walls made out of the dead stacked on top of each other, making it impossible to escape. It was a warning: if we find you we’ll rape and murder you, then when we’re done with your body we’ll use it keep others from running away.

Hell had risen from the underground and brought with it a world of madness. The word “human” no longer applied to the beings walking around the street.

Food would be near impossible to find, water even harder.

The temperature would be near freezing. A Month could pass without even a sliver of light in the sky. Darkness ruled this new kingdom.

But not all people were bad, in fact some people still had faith that the world would go back to the way it was. But everyday that passed by that faith slowly slipped away, like water through clasped hands.


+ + +


“I can’t take it anymore” Ryeowook cried, hands covering his eyes trying to block out the world in front of him. The only source of light was coming through the window. The only light that could be seen anymore was the fires. The sun hadn’t come up in weeks.

“I know” said Yesung; he had given up saying “It will be okay” long ago. He knew that it wouldn’t be; this world was getting worse. It broke his heart as he looked at his two former band mates breaking down in front of him.

“I hate this” Kyuhyun said with tears running down his cheeks. The once strong man was now standing there looking for once like the maknae he was.

“I know” Yesung said, what else was there to say? He hated this place too; he hated the fact that his precious dongsaeng’s had to live in such a world.

 Silence fell in the room as the three men huddled together, trying to share their warmth. Yesung gently wiped the tears off Kyuhyun’s cheek and gave him a weak smile before turning to Ryeowook and doing the same.

“M-Maybe i-it would b-be better i-if we k-killed our s-selves” Ryeowook said breaking the silence. Yesung’s tears fell at the words, how could such words ever come out of such an innocent mouth?

“M-Maybe it would be” Kyuhyun said quietly, looking down at his lap.

Silence fell in the room as both Kyuhyun and Ryeowook looked up to their Hyung for the answers. Yesung sucked in a breath. He feared this day would come, a day when he wouldn’t be able to stand the world anymore, and he had prepared for it.

Yesung looked up and stared into both of his dongsaeng’s eyes. They had tears streaming down their cheeks. He knew what he had to do; he had to protect the people he loved.

“Okay” he agreed, but as soon as the words left his lips he felt like the devil.

Ryeowook smiled and went to grab a piece of sharp glass, while Kyuhyun sat there with a peaceful expression on his face.

When Ryeowook returned with the glass, he brought it up to his wrist.

“Wait” Yesung said grabbing hold of Ryeowook’s hand to stop his movements. He couldn’t let his dongsaeng’s feel the pain of that kind of death.

“B-but you said” Ryeowook said with tears falling from his eyes.

“I know” Yesung said “But I have a better way”

Both Kyuhyun and Ryeowook looked over to Yesung who was pulling a bottle out of his backpack.

“You won’t feel any pain” Yesung said once he had the bottle in his hand “It will be just like going to sleep”

“What is that Hyung?” Kyuhyun questioned looking at the bottle in Yesung’s small hands.

“Sleeping pills” Yesung answered as he twisted the cap off the bottle.

“S-sleeping pills?” Kyuhyun asked. There was no medicine left in the world so what was Yesung doing with such a product.

“I saved it…just in case” Yesung admitted. He knew this day would come. He knew that one day he would need it to fall into eternal sleep.

Yesung poured all the pills into his tiny hand and divided them equally into two piles.

“What about you?” Kyuhyun asked when Yesung handed him and Ryeowook each a pile.

“I have more in my bag” he lied “I’ll watch over you to make sure it works” he said with a smile and Kyuhyun and Ryeowook nodded.

The room was eerily silent but at the same time the aura of the room was soothing and pleasant.

“I’ll go first” Ryeowook proclaimed breaking the silence. Kyuhyun and Yesung looked at the cute man, who seemed so determined to end his life and nodded their heads in acceptance of his words.

Yesung reached into his pack and gave him the little water he had left. Ryeowook took it as said his thanks.

“I love you” he said looking Yesung in the eyes, Yesung was frozen. He felt like a devil who was about to slaughter an angel.

“I love you too” he managed to choke out, his tears beginning to fall from his eyes.

Ryeowook took a breath and turned to the maknae “I love you too” he said. Kyuhyun just nodded his head as a reply; his words were stuck in his throat.

Ryeowook closed his eyes and took a deep breath, when he opened them again he had a serene smile on his face. With one last look at his former band mates he took the first pill.

As they watched Ryeowook swallow pill after pill Kyuhyun had to turn away and Yesung felt his tears burning down his cheeks.

When Ryeowook had swallowed the last pill he looked at Yesung expectantly

“When will it start working?” he asked

Yesung whipped the tears off his face before he honestly answered the dying boy’s question

“I don’t know, probably in a few minutes” he said and Ryeowook nodded his head and turned to look at Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun was staring at the pills in his hand as if they possessed all the answers in the world.

“You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to” Yesung said, shocking the maknae out of his reverie.

“No” Kyuhyun said “I want to” and with that said he swallowed the first pill.

After Kyuhyun had swallowed the last pill Yesung crawled to sit in between his two dying dongaeng’s. Ryeowook rested his head on Yesung’s left leg while Kyuhyun rested on his right.  

“I’m scared” Ryeowook admitted and Yesung ran his hand through the younger’s hair in a comforting way

“Don’t be” he said “you’re going to a better place”

“Do you really think there is a heaven?” Ryeowook asked

“I do” Yesung said

“Do you think I’ll get in?” Ryeowook asked as his tears started to fall onto Yesung’s lap

“Of course you will” Yesung answered honestly “there is no way you won’t get in”

Ryeowook nodded his head “I’m getting sleepy” he said

“Then close your eyes and picture heaven” Yesung said

Ryeowook did as he was told and shut his eyes “I’ll wait for you” he said before he stopped moving completely.

Yesung couldn’t stop himself from shaking as he looked at the unresponsive Ryeowook; no longer being able to bare looking at him he turned his attention to the silent Kyuhyun.

“It’s okay to be afraid” Yesung offered the silent maknae

“I’m not afraid hyung” Kyuhyun said “Do you really think there is a heaven?” he asked “don’t lie to me”

“Yes” Yesung answered honestly “and I know you’ll get in, so don’t worry”

Then they both went silent and Yesung ran his hands through Kyuhyun’s hair

“I’m tired” Kyuhyun suddenly said but Yesung couldn’t answer, it was too hard all he was thinking about was how he was going to end up in hell for killing two precious people.

“Hyung” Kyuhyun said with his eyes closed “You’ll go to heaven too” he said as if he could read the older’s thoughts.

“Sure” Yesung answered even though he didn’t believe it.

Kyuhyun blindly reached for Yesung’s hand and when Yesung grabbed it tightly Kyuhyun spoke his final words “Thank you” he said before he too fell into eternal sleep.

Yesung broke down when Kyuhyun breathed his last breath. He shook violently as he hugged his two former band mates to his chest. His tears fell at an impossible speed.

He screamed out in agony. He felt like the devil.


+ + +

Leeteuk heard the cry of agony and rushed into the room where the sound came from, when he entered he was greeted by the sight of Yesung rocking the lifeless bodies of Ryeowook and Kyuhyun.

“W-What happened?” he screamed rushing forward and taking Ryeowook’s body from the crying man.

Yesung couldn’t answer, so he pulled Kyuhyun closer to his body and rocked him back and forth as his tears fell onto the dead maknae’s face.

“How did this happen?” Leeteuk asked as he held Ryeowook in his arms “you were supposed to keep them safe” he yelled

Yesung just closed his eyes as the former leader of Super Junior yelled out his anger. He understood his pain; he felt it more than Leeteuk did, he was the one who killed the pair.

“ANSWER ME” Leeteuk yelled but all his yells did was attract the attention of Donghae who was walking by the door at the time of the outburst.

He walked in and saw Leeteuk and Yesung hugging two unmoving bodies.

“What happened?” he yelled and ran over to his hyung’s only to see his two dead dongsaeng’s faces.

“Kyuhyun, Ryeowook” he yelled falling to his knees. He reached out and touched Ryeowook’s hand, it still felt warm.

Donghae cried as he pressed Ryeowook’s hand onto his cheek “Wake up” he said “please”

The scene broke the two older men’s hearts.

“They can’t wake up” Yesung finally spoke, his tears had stopped “I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you too” he said to Donghae

“What is that supposed to mean?” Leeteuk yelled at the oddly calm man

“I did what no one else was strong enough to do” Yesung said laying Kyuhyun gently down on the ground “I made sure they had a peaceful death” he continued, picking up the sharp piece of glass Ryeowook had dropped “I’m sorry you have to see this” he said turning to Donghae, but before Donghae could ask what he was talking about Yesung took the sharp glass and slid it across his wrist.

Leeteuk and Donghae were in a state of shock they couldn’t stop him from cutting his other wrist as well.

“No” Donghae yelled when Yesung fell to the floor, he crawled over to the older man and tried to use his hands to stop the blood from flowing out of his wrists.

“HELP ME” he yelled at the unmoving Leeteuk, but Leeteuk couldn’t move, he was frozen.

As Donghae desperately tried to stop the blood from flowing out of Yesung self induced wounds he yelled “WHY?”

“S-Stop” Yesung said “It’s okay, just let me go”

“NO” Donghae yelled “Please, Please” he didn’t even know what he was begging for.

Yesung looked over at his former leader “I’m sorry Teukie, I love you” he said before he closed his eyes.

The words unfroze Leeteuk “NO” he yelled crawling over to his bloodied dead former band mate “NO”

Donghae was shaking as he stared at his dead friend “Why?” he asked silently

“Why did he do this?” he demanded from the leader “why?”

“Donghae” Leeteuk said crawling over to the younger man and holding him tight.

Donghae let himself be held by Leeteuk, he looked at his bloodied hands.

“AHHHHHHHHH!” he screamed out, the only thing Leeteuk could do was hold him tighter.

They sat in the center of the room surrounded by the blood and bodies of their former members and that was how they were found an hour later by Kangin.


A/N: uhhhhh what to say...i shouldn't eat sugar when I write, this is what happens :(
I can't belive i killed off my bias *forgive me Yesung* and then i killed my second fav. *forgive me Kyuhyun* and cute little Ryeowook *forgive me Ryeowook*

Next Part up soon.....Eunhae *preparing to get killed on that one XD*

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