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Beautiful Hangover Chapter 8

Title: Beautiful Hangover
Chapter: 8/?
Pairings: Eunhae, kyumin, Sihae, Kihae, Haesica
Rating: R
Warning: Mention of drug use, addiction, sexual situations, swearing and violence
Summary: Kyuhyun invents a drug that is so powerful it changes your life, one taste and you’re hooked.

 A/N: based off of Bigbang's Beautiful Hangover MV 


Donghae woke up to the smell of coffee. He climbed out of Siwon’s large comfy bed and dragged his feet all the way to the kitchen, where he found a fully dressed Siwon.

“What are you doing up so early?” Donghae asked

Siwon turned around and walked over to the younger man, kissing him on the lips before he answered the question

“I’ve got a meeting this morning” he said and Donghae pouted

“When will you be back?” he asked

“Probably not until late tonight” Siwon answered and Donghae nodded

“Go back to bed, it early” Siwon said after Donghae yawned. Donghae nodded and started to leave the kitchen

“Have fun at work” he said before he wondered back into Siwon’s bedroom, crawling into bed and falling back asleep.



Sungmin was sitting in a familiar waiting room. He was randomly flipping through some fashion magazine as he waited for his name to be called.

“Lee Sungmin” the cheerful receptionist called causing Sungmin to look up “the doctor will see you now”

Sungmin nodded his head and stood up, fallowing the receptionist to the familiar room where his doctor was located.

When Sungmin stepped into the office he sat down in the chair he was all too familiar with.

“Ah it’s good to see you again Sungmin” the doctor said

Sungmin bowed his head in respect and then looked back up at his doctor “it’s good to see you too Ryeowook” he smiled

“What happened to you?” Ryeowook asked when he looked up and noticed Sungmin’s bruised face.


“It’s nothing, don’t worry about it” Sungmin said

“Okay” Ryeowook said slowly “So?” he asked the fidgeting man in front of him “did you do what we discussed?”

Sungmin took a breath and looked deep into his therapists eyes “to some extent, yes”

“What do you mean?” Ryeowook asked, he knew the assignment he gave Sungmin was a hard one, but he felt it was time for the cute man to truly open up to someone other than him.

“I did talk about my past a little bit” Sungmin answered

“That’s good” Ryeowook praised “I’m sure Kyuhyun was very happy you decided to open up, even if it was just a little bit”

Sungmin bit his bottom lip and then looked down at his lap.

“What’s wrong?” Ryeowook asked him.

“I…I didn’t talk to Kyu” Sungmin admitted, still not lifting his head.

“That’s okay” Ryeowook said while writing something down on a piece of paper “you’re just not ready to open up to him yet, I understand. I’m just glad you decided to open up to someone you could trust”

“I…” Sungmin said finally looking up “I don’t really know him that well”

“You opened up to a stranger?” Ryeowook asked, his expression didn’t show what he was thinking.

“He’s not really a stranger” Sungmin answered “he…we sort of do business together”

“Ahh” Ryeowook said slowly and then wrote some more stuff on the paper.

Sungmin hated that the most, he hated that the little piece of paper had his secrets written on it. He hated watching Ryeowook write down his thoughts on his life, he hated that there was a whole file on the matter.

Sungmin couldn’t continue to watch as Ryeowook quickly jotted down his thoughts so he turned his head to stare at a picture sitting on Ryeowook’s desk.

The first time he saw this picture he got one of the biggest shocks of his life.

Both Kyuhyun and Ryeowook were in the picture, they were brothers.

Ryeowook looked up to see Sungmin staring at the picture of him and his brother. He always turned it around whenever Sungmin was his patient; it helped calm Sungmin’s mind.

“You probably should find another therapist” Ryeowook said, he always said that after he found out his patient was his brother’s boyfriend.

“No” Sungmin rejected, like he always did “I opened up to you, I trusted you before I even knew you were related to Kyuhyun”

Ryeowook sighed; he didn’t want to argue about this again. He also knew that Sungmin probably wouldn’t open up to anyone else, so he decided to just keep him as a patient at least until Sungmin decided he could move on to someone with less conflict of interest.

Ryeowook just continued to look at Sungmin until the latter decided to speak.

“Why do you think I can’t open up to Kyu?” Sungmin asked.

“Why do you think you can’t open up?” Ryeowook asked back

“I know why” Sungmin said turning to Ryeowook “What I want to know is what you think”

Ryeowook smiled, Sungmin always asked Ryeowook’s opinion on things, like he cared more about Ryeowook’s opinion then the actual therapy.

“I think you don’t want to get hurt” Ryeowook said honestly and Sungmin nodded

“You’re always saying Kyuhyun won’t hurt me” Sungmin said with that blank poker face that hurt Ryeowook’s heart.

“He would never hurt you” Ryeowook said “but you think he will and that’s not your fault. It’s all you know, the people you love always hurt you and you’re afraid that if Kyuhyun does it, it will kill you” he said honestly.

“You are good” Sungmin said “now if you’ll excuse me, I have to leave”

“We aren’t done yet” Ryeowook yelled but it was too late, Sungmin was already out the door.

Ryeowook smiled, Sungmin never stayed for a full session “At least he talked about his past” he said before he wrote more onto the paper, placing it into Sungmin’s file when he was finished.



Donghae woke up to the ringing of his phone

“Hello?” he said tiredly into the receiver

“Were you sleeping?” Sungmin asked

“NO” Donghae yelled “wait, why?”

Sungmin chuckled “No reason” he said “I was just in the area and I wanted to know if you wanted a ride to Kyu’s”

“Yeah, that would be great” Donghae said “I have to get ready though”

“You’re such a liar” Sungmin giggled before he hung up the phone. Donghae pouted but hung up when he heard the dial tone and jumped out of bed to get into the shower.




Donghae had just finished putting on his clothes when the doorbell rung.

He walked to the door hurriedly trying to dry his hair. He opened the door and was about to happily greet Sungmin when he noticed the older man’s face “What happened?” he yelled pulling the older into the house.

“Nothing” Sungmin said removing Donghae’s tight grip on his arm.

“Sorry” Donghae apologized when he noticed how tight his grip was, Sungmin smiled at him.

The room went silent as the two looked at each other. Donghae was staring at Sungmin as if it would help him read the older’s thoughts, while Sungmin was glaring at Donghae, not wanting to hear the younger’s accusations.

“Siwon did this to you” Donghae said, it wasn’t a question, he knew it was true

“Yes” Sungmin said, he didn’t even try to deny it, he knew there was no use.

“Why?” Donghae asked and Sungmin could see the fear in the younger’s eyes, he knew what Donghae was thinking and he didn’t want it to continue.

“He thought I was cheating him on the pills” Sungmin lied

“It was because of me, wasn’t it?” Donghae said, completely ignoring Sungmin’s fake excuse.

Sungmin let out a sigh “No” he said but Donghae knew the truth

“Don’t lie to me Min” He said, his tears threatening to fall from his eyes. He hated when people got hurt because of him. It brought up his past; it made him remember things he would rather forget.

Sungmin closed his eyes, he knew how hard it was to think about the past and he didn’t want Donghae to have to go through that too. He opened his eyes and looked at Donghae

“The world doesn’t revolve around you” he said harshly. He didn’t want this incident added to Donghae’s guilt, and if that meant saying a few harsh words to Donghae then so be it.

“I-I know” Donghae said, he knew Sungmin was just trying to comfort him, he knew it was his fault Sungmin had gotten hurt.

Silence fell on the room and Sungmin fought the urge to yell at the young man to just let it go. He opted instead to ask Donghae a question

“Are you ready to go?” he asked

“Why are you lying about it?” Donghae said ignoring Sungmin’s question, again.

“You claim you love Siwon, so why wouldn’t I protect your love?”

Donghae’s breath hitched and he had to close his eyes at Sungmin’s words. He had more to add to his guilt

“I love you more” Donghae said honestly and Sungmin felt his tears threaten to fall.

Sungmin stayed silent as he looked up at the ceiling trying to will his tears back into his body.

“Sungmin?” Donghae questioned the quiet man

“Kyu will kill him” Sungmin said still looking at the ceiling “He’ll kill him if he finds out it was him”

“I…” Donghae was speechless, he knew that was true, but he was still conflicted. Sungmin could see that so he decided to give Donghae an out, a way to pass his guilt onto Sungmin.

“I can’t lose Kyuhyun” Sungmin said, finally looking Donghae in the eyes “If he does that there is no going back….I can’t lose him, so you have to lie with me” Sungmin pleaded with his eyes “If you love me you will lie for me”

Donghae cried at Sungmin’s words but nodded his head none the less.

“Good” Sungmin said with a smile as he wiped Donghae’s tears off his cheeks.

“Let’s go fix your hair and face and then we’ll go see Kyu, okay?” Sungmin said and Donghae nodded before Sungmin dragged him down the hall towards the bathroom.



Sungmin pulled into the parking lot of Kyuhyun’s office. He parked the car and turned off the engine, he turned to look at Donghae, who had been unnaturally quiet ever since they left Siwon’s apartment.

“You’re doing this for me” Sungmin said even though Donghae was looking out the passenger window “Don’t think that this is anyway your fault Hae” he said but Donghae refused to look at him “I provoked him…I hit him first”

Donghae turned to look at Sungmin “you did?” he asked and Sungmin nodded

“I was angry at something Kyuhyun said and I just lost it…it wasn’t about you” Sungmin offered, he knew lying to Donghae would be easier. All he ever wanted to do was protect the fragile young boy, no matter how tough Donghae tried to seem Sungmin only saw him as the broken scared boy he was when they first met.

“Let’s go” Sungmin said with a smile and got out of the car, not bothering to look back, he knew Donghae would fallow.



Sungmin and Donghae entered Kyuhyun’s office. Kyuhyun was busy typing furiously on his computer that he didn’t even notice the pair walk in.

“Kyu?” Sungmin called causing said man to stop his actions and look up at his lover.

“Minnie” he smiled “Hae” he said turning to the young man “Have a seat” he said pointing at two chairs in front of his desk. They did as he said

“What did you need to talk to me about?” Donghae asked

“About your new client Lee Hyukjae, have you hooked him yet?” Kyuhyun asked

“Not yet” Donghae admitted “Why?”

Kyuhyun smiled “that’s good” he said “there has been a new unexpected development in his life”



Siwon sat in one of the chair surrounding a giant board meeting room table; he was waiting for his father to arrive. He was called early this morning and told to come into the office and not make any plans for the day.

Just as Siwon was thinking what in the world his father could have wanted with him the door to the board room was opened, revealing his father and three people he had never seen before.

Siwon stood up and bowed at the strangers, he was raised right after all. Siwon’s father frowned at the bruise hidden on his son’s cheek but decided to ignore it.

“This is my son Siwon” he said

“It’s nice to meet you” the mystery people said bowing slightly at the young man “it’s nice to meet you too” Siwon offered a bow

“Siwon” his father said “this is the Lee’s and their son Eunhyuk”

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  • 4 Drabbles

    Title: Beginning of stories that will never be told Pairings: Eunhae. Yewook. Kyusung. Haewook. Rating: PG-13 (for all 4) Summary: Four stories of…

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