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The Siwon Situation

Title: The Siwon Situation

Pairing: Eunhae, Kyumin, Yewon


Part: 1/?
Rating: PG-13?

Genre: Crack

Summary: Siwon is a flirt and Yesung is just…well Yesung and Donghae thinks that’s enough to stop Siwon from ruining a perfect Saturday [OR] Donghae would do anything to spend time with Eunhyuk, including throwing Yesung at Siwon





Siwon is forever the ultimate cock block. Leave it to him to ruin a perfectly romantic moment, actually all the couples in Super Junior believe he gets some sort of sick pleasure from it.

So it comes as no shock when the Kyumin and Eunhae couples come out of their bedrooms (yes ‘their’ because Donghae refuses to sleep in his own room) to find a fully dressed Siwon waiting for them in the kitchen.

“There goes our peaceful Saturday alone” Kyuhyun muttered under his breath, only loud enough for Eunhyuk to overhear and nod his head in agreement. He was planning on cuddling up with Donghae on the couch watching terrible romance flicks with a ‘surprise’ alien plot twist, not spend it making sure Siwon kept his hands to himself. Because Donghae got very jealous and Eunhyuk (who would never admit this aloud) hated when anyone touched Donghae.

Kyuhyun was just as wary as Eunhyuk; he was planning on playing Starcraft for half the day, while Sungmin did whatever it was he did when Kyuhyun was playing his game. When he was satisfied with all the destruction he caused he would find Sungmin, they would eat and then have sex. All in all it was a very busy day, he didn’t have time for Siwon, he just couldn’t fit it in.

“Hey Siwon” Donghae greeted happily “what are you doing here so early?” Kyuhyun was happy Donghae spoke first, because although he would have started off with the same greeting his would have ended in a string of profanities.

The thing about Siwon is he never takes couples out, he doesn’t want to be a third wheel (ironic, no?) and Kyuhyun was fairly certain he wasn’t here to see Donghae or himself, they had promised to go to church with him tomorrow. So that only left three possible victims, two of which were in relationships.

“I’m here to see if Eunhyuk and Sungmin wanted to hang out?” Siwon answered Donghae’s question happily, completely missing how Donghae’s smile dropped or how his eyes shown with a murderous glint.

“Eunhyuk is busy” Donghae said through clenched teeth that had Kyuhyun proud to call him his hyung.

Sungmin had to bite his lip to keep the smile off his face, the way Siwon was tilting his head to the side as he tried to figure out why Donghae had suddenly gotten so angry was hilarious. Sure, Donghae would randomly get angry about 3 times a day, but Siwon couldn’t seriously not know what had caused Donghae’s mood change, could he?

Kyuhyun didn’t actually care if Sungmin went out with Siwon, he wasn’t entirely sure what the older man did when he was playing his game and he didn’t want his lover to be bored. As long as Sungmin was back in time for them to eat a nice meal together followed by sex he really didn’t care. But he was definitely against Siwon taking Sungmin out alone, even the thought of it made him want to murder Siwon.

Sungmin noticed Kyuhyun’s change in mood and found it odd; Kyuhyun was undoubtedly planning on ignoring him for half the day playing his game, so why did he seem so angry?

Actually Sungmin did have plans, which entailed cleaning his and kyu’s room, playing guitar, hiding something of Kyuhyun’s in an attempt at getting back at him for ignoring him on their day off, doing laundry (a.k.a. washing his pink one-piece, only for it to get ruined again later at night during sexy time) ordering food, making Kyuhyun beg for sex and then getting punished for making Kyuhyun beg. His day was pretty jammed packed; there really wasn’t any room for hanging out with Siwon.

“Sorry Siwon” Sungmin said “I have plans too” he offered with a sympathetic smile, he did not miss the happy smirk Kyuhyun was firing at Siwon.

Donghae was known for having a bit of a jealous steak in him…okay fine he was a bitch (he admits it, but only in his head) and he would sooner claw Siwon’s eyes out before he let the younger man pout his way into getting Eunhyuk to hang out with him.

He had to think fast, he could see Eunhyuk’s resolve slipping and he’d be damned if yet another Saturday was ruined by Siwon. He loved the younger man, he really did but this was Eunhyuk. His Eunhyuk and he was going to watch his awesome romance movie with a surprise alien twist with his Eunhyuk.

Donghae thought about it, he couldn’t really force Sungmin to hang out with Siwon. The main reason being Kyuhyun would kill him. But that’s when he remembered something, there was another person living in the dorm. Another very single person. A single, oddly sexy albeit weird person and Donghae boasted at how cleaver he was.

“Yesung will hang out with you” Donghae stated, to be honest he wasn’t even sure if Yesung was in, or if he even had the day free but Donghae could care less (semantics, they weren’t for him)

The four watched as Siwon furrowed his eyebrows, sure Yesung was weird but he was very good at keeping you distracted. You could walk into Yesung’s room to tell him something quickly and the next thing you know you’ve been in there for hours. It was a gift, and it was uniquely Yesung’s.

“Okay” Siwon said after he mulled it over, it was always interesting when he hung out with Yesung “I’ll just go ask him” This part of the plan Donghae wasn’t expecting, and being caught off guard he slightly lost his cool

“NO” he yelled causing everyone to wince at his volume “I’ll go ask him” they didn’t even have the time to protest or agree because Donghae ran full speed towards his hyung’s door. He didn’t even bother to knock; he just swung the door open and slammed it shut. Leaving four very confused members standing in the kitchen.  They because even more confused and maybe even slightly worried when Yesung’s yell could be heard


Do you want to know what Donghae asked the older man to get him to yell so loud? (of course you do)

Donghae barged into Yesung’s room startling the older male so much he fell off his bed. He barely had the time to stand up before Donghae’s desperate plea knocked him back down on the floor.

“I need you to sleep with Siwon” Donghae begged

“EHHHH?” Yesung yelled picking himself off the floor once again.

“Sleep with Siwon” Donghae practically demanded

“What are you? My pimp?” Yesung retorted going back to sitting on his bed, he was about to put his headphones back in when he noticed Donghae puppy eyes (As hard as he tried he just couldn’t turn away)

Yesung was desperately trying to pull his eyes away from his dongsaeng, but the way Donghae’s eyes were getting bigger and sadder made him feel like a deer caught in headlights. He didn’t really have plans today, but he really didn’t feel like having random sex with someone—even if that someone was a certain chocolate abed god—he would just have to turn down the offer.

“Can’t he just have sex with Heechul?” Yesung asked

“No” Donghae said all serious “Heechul is dead set against having sex with members, unless those members are Chinese”

“Siwon knows Chinese” Yesung offered

“Doesn’t count” Donghae said “You know how Heechul is, even if he agrees he’ll want something in return”

Yesung nodded his head, it was true, and owning something to Heechul was NEVER a good idea.

“How about Leeteuk?” Yesung offered (yes they were seriously having a discussion on who could sleep with Siwon, it never once occurred to Yesung to ask why someone even had to sleep with Siwon)

Donghae scoffed “Kangin!” enough said.

“Kibum?” Yesung tried “I have his number I could just…” he stopped talking when he saw the look on Donghae’s face “Sorry”

Donghae knew how to get Yesung to agree, but it was a pretty low blow. There was only one single person left, and Donghae knew if he mentioned this Yesung would instantly agree to screw Siwon’s brains out just to spare his precious dongsaeng.

He weighted his options…but in the end all he really felt like doing was being selfish (Shocked? Of course not) he was determined to spend his day with Eunhyuk completely Siwon free.

“We could always ask Ryeowook” Donghae offered. He tried not to flinch at the change in Yesung’s aura but it was very hard to do. Yesung was very, very, very protective of Ryeowook.

“Give me fifteen minutes” Yesung said and Donghae smiled happily before running away from Yesung and his evil aura.

Once Donghae had come back into the kitchen he smiled and walked into his lovers waiting embrace (meaning he forced Eunhyuk to hug him)

“He’ll be out in fifteen minutes” Donghae informed “and I promise you’ll have an awesome time” nobody really liked the way Donghae had said that, it made everyone very nervous whenever Donghae talked like that. The man had crazy ideas, ideas that were better left to decay in his mind, to never see the light of day but Donghae thought differently. He believed his ideas where amazing, like on the same level as Einstein or Galileo.

As the four members questioned (interrogated) Donghae on what exactly he asked Yesung, they failed to notice Yesung walk into the room.

Yesung rolled his eyes before he grabbed Siwon’s arm, starling everyone standing in the kitchen.

“Come on” he said dragging Siwon towards the door “you’re buying me breakfast before we have sex” At this declaration Siwon stopped “and I’m not having sex in your car” Yesung continued not caring that Siwon had turned into a human statue “and after you’ve…well you know, you’re buying me flowers and coffee, taking me to the movies and…buying me turtle food. I did have plans today” (he didn’t but Siwon had to pay for ruining his peaceful Saturday)

Siwon wasn’t the only one frozen, in fact everyone was (excluding Yesung and Donghae)

“You told him to have sex with Siwon?” Sungmin asked, he was the first one to recover from the shock.

“Duh” Donghae answered “why are you looking at me like that?” he asked bewildered, it was the perfect plan.

“And you agreed?” Kyuhyun asked Yesung completely shocked

“Better me than…others” Yesung answered glaring at Donghae causing the younger man to giggle

“I’m sure Wookie wouldn’t have agreed” he said between his fits of laughter

“Wookie?” Eunhyuk gapped at his lover. He was also getting glared at by four other sets of eyes

“I wasn’t really going to ask Ryeowook, it was a trick to get Yesung to have sex with Siwon” Donghae said getting annoyed “and why are you complaining? I took care of the Siwon situation”

They had to give it to him; he did manage to deal with the Siwon situation (to some extent)

“You do realize I can hear you?” Yesung said

“Go have sex with Siwon” Donghae demanded “me and Eunhyuk are going to watch a movie” he said dragging Eunhyuk with him towards the living room.

Kyuhyun waited 3 seconds before he too spoke “this has been fun and all but I have plans I have to go execute” he said before kissing Sungmin on the cheek and walking into their room to play some Starcraft.

Sungmin glared at his lovers back “I have to go do laundry” he said dryly walking off leaving a frozen Siwon and an annoyed Yesung.

Yesung looked at Siwon and noticed how unresponsive the younger was “you know if you don’t want to have sex that’s fine” Yesung offered “but you’re still buying me breakfast” he said with a smile walking towards the door to put his shoes on and then walking out the door. He knew the younger man would fallow.

Siwon snapped out of his trance when he heard the door shut, he quickly caught up to Yesung and asked him the question that was plaguing his mind “you’d really have sex with me?”

Yesung stopped and eyed Siwon up and down licking his lips in a very seductive way “only because it’s you” he said sexily biting his lip, he was kind of enjoying frustrating the younger man “but you turned down the sex” he said with a shrug before he turned around and walked away.

It took Siwon a few seconds to process the older’s words

“Wait” Siwon yelled “I never turned down the sex” he said chasing after Yesung.




A/N: I have been super busy this week, and I’m sorry I haven’t updated my chaptered fics but I promise I will do that soon :D

I'm so happy it's Friday :D I can't even begin to tell you how stressful this week has been :( but it's finally over :D YAY!

Tags: pairing: siwon/yesung, the siwon situation

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  • 4 Drabbles

    Title: Beginning of stories that will never be told Pairings: Eunhae. Yewook. Kyusung. Haewook. Rating: PG-13 (for all 4) Summary: Four stories of…

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