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The Siwon Situtaion part 2

Title: The Siwon Situation

Part: 2/?

Pairing: Yewon, mention of Eunhae and Kyumin (but they aren’t in this as much as part 1)

Rating: PG-13

Summary: After Donghae’s suggestion Siwon and Yesung go get breakfast and…




A/N: I decided to turn this into a multiple part fic, because I got an interesting idea for this fic but it was too long to fit into just one part. You can find the first part  here


“So…Where do you want to eat?” Siwon nervously asked Yesung as they walked down the street, in terrible disguises that weren’t fooling anyone.

Yesung laughed; his unique loud laugh that confirmed he was in fact “Super Junior’s Yesung”. Siwon fought the urge to push Yesung into the crowd of waiting fangirls that had only gathered because of Yesung and making a run for it. But he wouldn’t do that, it wasn’t in his nature, but he did think about it.

They signed autographs and hurriedly rushed away before more people could crowd them.

When they were in the clear Yesung pouted “I’m sure I used to be more popular” he said remembering the scene from earlier, only one person had asked for his autograph.

Siwon was very grateful for all his fans but he felt bad for his hyung “they were just Siwon fans” he said “there are plenty of Yesung fans out there, I know I’m one” he offered a smile at the smaller male.

Yesung stopped and blankly stared at Siwon for a few seconds before he abruptly burst into laughter

“Why are you always like that?” he asked between giggles “you don’t have to lie, I know you’re more popular than me”

Siwon didn’t know how to answer so he just apologized before they started to walk again.

As they continued to walk Siwon’s nervousness started to come back

“Uhh, did you choose a place you want to eat at?” he asked trying to break some of the tension only he was seeming to have, Yesung looked completely normal.

Yesung laughed again “I’m not going to jump you in this alley, so just relax” he said

“I know that” Siwon denied, although he did feel better after Yesung had said that “I just don’t want to get jumped by anymore fans. You should have let me drive”

“I told you I wasn’t having sex with you in your car” Yesung said causing Siwon to, well not blush because Siwon doesn’t blush, but whatever the manlier equivalent to blushing is, that is what Siwon did.

“R-Right” Siwon said, no he didn’t stutter it was a slip of the tongue

They continued to walk until Yesung picked a random restaurant that looked decent enough. They entered and sat at the booth in the very back, away from the eyes of all the patrons.

While Yesung was busy looking at the menu Siwon was busy looking at Yesung. He just couldn’t understand why Yesung had agreed to Donghae’s crazy plan. Was it really to spare Ryeowook or was there another reason?

“Did you really agree to…you know…because you didn’t want Donghae to ask Ryeowook?” he asked, his curiosity getting the better of him.

Yesung turned to him “your penis isn’t going anywhere near Ryeowook” he deadpanned before he turned back to look at the menu.

Siwon was glad he wasn’t drinking anything because he was certain he would have spit it all over the table. How could the older man say something like that so casually?

Siwon was in the middle of gapping when the waitress came to take their order. He came back to reality when he heard Yesung talking

“I’ll take a coke with that” he said

The waitress nodded and then turned towards Siwon “and for you sir?” she asked

Siwon hadn’t even looked at the menu, he had been too busy looking and thinking about Yesung. He was certain he never used to think this much about Yesung before.

“I’ll take whatever is your favorite” he said smiling at the waitress, unintentionally making everyone think he was hitting on her, the waitress blushed at his words but wrote something down on the paper anyway

“And would you like anything to drink with that?” she asked sounding a whole lot sweeter then she had a minute ago.

“Coffee” Siwon answered. The waitress nodded and told them it would be a few minutes before walking away to hand the order to the kitchen.

“Do you always hit on waitresses?” Yesung asked when they were completely alone.

“I wasn’t hitting on her” Siwon said turning his attention back towards Yesung, he was shocked by the older’s words; he wasn’t the type to randomly hit on strangers.

Yesung smiled but didn’t say anything, turning his head to look out the window when Siwon smiled back at him.

Siwon stared at Yesung as the older male looked out the window. He never could and thought he never would be able to tell what the older male was thinking, it intrigued him, he was just too hard to read.

Siwon was so engrossed in staring at Yesung he failed to notice the waitress return, not even when she placed his coffee right in front of him.

She stomped away but Siwon saw none of this all he saw was the satisfied way Yesung was smiling.

“Why are you smiling?” Siwon asked

Yesung laughed, a short, not entirely genuine laugh “you are acting really strange today” he said

Being told he was acting strange by Yesung made Siwon do three things: 1. His mouth dropped open in utter shock, 2. His eyebrows rose so high they practically got lost in his hair line, and 3. His erratic hand movements knocked over his steaming hot untouched cup of coffee.

 The steaming hot liquid spread across the table and into Siwon’s lap. Shocked by the burning feeling in his crotch area he stood up knocking Yesung’s coke all over the table and into his lap in the process.

Yesung, now shocked by the fact that he was wearing cold, damp pants stood up and dragged Siwon with him towards the bathroom.

Once inside Yesung started undoing Siwon’s pants, so the other’s legs wouldn’t get burned to badly; he got down on his knees as pulled the younger mans pants down. He did not once think about what his actions looked like.

When Siwon’s pants were around his ankles and the treat of him burning his thighs anymore gone Yesung stood up and grabbed a towel and soaked it in cold water. He then kneeled back down and whipped away the coffee on Siwon’s red thighs.

Yesung blew on Siwon’s thighs, trying to ease some of the pain completely unaware of the effect he was having on Siwon.

Siwon was shocked Yesung was having such an effect on him, to be perfectly honest he had been joking when he said he wasn’t turning down sex with Yesung. He was just assuming Yesung was having some fun so why couldn’t he?

But the situation he was in now was no joke.

He was getting turned on by Yesung, and it wasn’t just because the older male was currently blowing on his thighs, or the fact that he was on his knees in front of him. Because if Siwon was being completely honest with himself then he would admit that he was thinking about Yesung even before the incident.

Siwon was about to tell Yesung to stand up when suddenly the door opened. To say Siwon and Yesung were in a compromising position was an understatement.

“W-What’s g-going on h-here?” a male restaurant employee asked when he open the door, from where he was standing it looked like Yesung was giving Siwon a blowjob.

Not completely understanding the situation Yesung just turned around and tilted his head to the side “What do you mean?” he asked. Siwon would have found it cute if they weren’t in such an embarrassing situation.

Siwon quickly pulled up his now cooled down pants and apologized; they weren’t really doing anything bad, and Siwon’s thoughts didn’t count.

He pulled Yesung up onto his legs and pulled him out of the bathroom. He walked up to the resister and paid for the food they hadn’t received or eaten.

Siwon just wanted to get out of there before anyone recognized who they were, they really couldn’t handle a scandal like “Two Super Junior member’s caught have sex in a public bathroom” although the Kyumin and Eunhae couple’s certainly had their fair amount of sex in public bathrooms.

Siwon pulled Yesung through the streets of Seoul, completely ignoring the older man’s protests. He was mentally cursing the older man for refusing to let him bring his car.

“Why couldn’t you let me drive us?” Siwon said and Yesung laughed

“You know you can let go of me now” he said pointing their linked hands

Siwon mumbled a sorry before he broke the connection.

Yesung just smiled and said it was alright before he started to walk towards the dorms, Siwon fallowing right after.

When they reached the dorms Eunhae was cuddling on the couch watching a movie, well Donghae was watching the movie and Eunhyuk looked like he was in a coma.

Sungmin was walking around the room with one of Kyuhyun’s games opening drawers and mumbling to himself about this place being too obvious and having to be difficult to find because this was revenge.

 Yesung just walked past them all and went towards his room, motioning wordlessly for Siwon to fallow.

Eunhyuk who thought this was more interesting then the stupid romance movie Donghae was making him watch turned towards Siwon

“You ate breakfast that fast?” he said “you must really want to have sex” he laughed causing Sungmin and Donghae to burst into laughter as well.

Siwon just ignored this and walked towards Yesung’s room. But after he entered the room the laughter got louder.

“Here” Yesung said handing Siwon a pair of basketball shorts “they’ll probably be small but you really only need them until you get home” he offered smiling.

Siwon took them and was about to undo his pants when he suddenly felt really awkward. Sure Yesung makes most people feel awkward all the time but this was entirely his fault. He felt awkward because he kind of wanted Yesung to take off his pants as well.

“I should go” he said not bothering to look at Yesung before he turned around and started to walk towards the door “thanks for the shorts, I’ll get them back to you” he said before he exited Yesung’s room.

Siwon walked past Eunhae and Sungmin, he walked right past them mumbling a goodbye—which was completely against his character—and walked out of the dorm. He didn’t even bother changing his pants.

He was feeling so confused.

What had he gotten himself into?




A/N: okay this is my first Yewon fic, I hope you like it. I decided to turn this into a multiple part fic because I think it would make a good fic. Idk, tell me what you think?


Thank you so much for reading <3

Tags: pairing: siwon/yesung, the siwon situation

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