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The Siwon Situation chapter 3

Title: The Siwon Situation
Chapter: 3/?
Pairing: Yewon, Friendship! KyuSiHae, Kyumin, Eunhae
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Siwon realizes he has feelings for Yesung

Siwon had spent the whole night thinking about Yesung. No matter what he did to try to distract himself all his thoughts went back to the older male.

He couldn't even escape when he fell asleep. He dreamed of all the things that made Yesung so...well Yesung. He dreamed of his smile, his small hands, his inability to not fail, his eyes, his voice, his lips, how those lips would feel wrapped around his...and that's when he woke up.

Siwon jumped out of bed and headed to the shower to deal with his little Siwon situation. He quickly undressed and climbed into his shower, willing the cold water to wash away the burning desire he felt in the pit of his stomach.

By the time he was finished with his shower he had managed to stop thinking about Yesung.

He got dressed and headed to his kitchen for a cup of caffee and that's when he started to think about Yesung again.

He wondered if every time he had a cup of coffee he would think about Yesung.

As he finished his coffee he looked at the time and stood up to leave his apartment. He grabbed his bible, phone, keys and Yesung's basketball shorts.

He locked his apartment before he walked down to his car and drove to the dorms to pick up Kyuhyun and Donghae.

Even while driving Siwon's thoughts were on Yesung. It was starting to become blatantly obvious Siwon had a crush, no, an obsession with Yesung.

When Siwon parked his car his situation dawned on him fully

"I like Yesung?" he questioned himself out loud

And then reality hit

"I like Yesung" he yelled, his eyebrows raising a good 5 cm on his head

Siwon continued to sit in his car with a shocked expression on his face until his phone beeping startled him.

He reached for his phone and saw that it was a text from Donghae

To: Siwon
From: Donghae

Where are you?

Siwon read it and quickly texted back

To: Donghae
From: Siwon

I'll be up in a minute

Once his message was sent  Siwon got out of his car, making sure he grabbed Yesung's shorts.

He walked into the building in a daze; he wasn't even sure how he was standing in front of the dorms door.

Regardless of how he got their Siwon knowcked on the door.

It only took a few seconds for Donghae to open up

"Hey" the older man greeted

"Good morning Donghae" Siwon greeted back

Siwon walked into the dorm when Donghae made room for him. He quickly scanned the room looking for the one person he did and didn't want to see. But Yesung was nowhere to be seen.

"Where's Yesung?" Siwon asked

"Why do you want to know?" Kyuhyun said, popping out of nowhere.

"I uhh..." Siwon said "I need to return his shorts" he said a little annoyed at how the two where smiling at him.

"Why do you have Yesung's shorts?" Donghae aske with an amused voice

"I barrowed them" Siwon answered

"You barrowed them?" Kyunhyun asked in a teasing tone "Even though you aren't the same size?"

Siwon frowned when Donghae and Kyuhyun smiled at each other.

"Why did you need small shorts so bad anyways?" Donghae asked, amusement laced in his voice.

"Was it because you were all wet?" Kyuhyun asked but the way he said "wet" made Siwon think there was some hidden meaning behind his words.

"Yes" Siwon answered honestly, causing Donghae and Kyuhyun to burst into laughter.

Siwon raised an eyebrow at the pair "are we going to church or not?" he asked annoyed

"Are you sure they'd let you into church with such dirty thoughts running through your head?" Kyuhyun smirked

"They let you in, so I guess its fine" Siwon rebutted

"Fair enough" Kyuhyun saidn with a smirk before walking towards the door to put his shoes on, Donghae fallowing suit with a mischievous smirk spread across his face.

Siwon looked at Yesung's closed door and let out a breath he wasn't even aware he was holding.

A few more seconds of staring at the older man's door and Siwon decided he was losing his mind, so he walked over to Donghae and Kyuhyun and asked them if they were ready to leave.


Siwon had never been distracted in church before. As a devout Christian he prided himself on the fact that even in a world losing itself in sin he never gave into temptations. Well at least he did, until recently when all he thought about was fucking Yesung until the singers lungs collapsed from screaming his name. But every word, every hymn, every passage fell on deaf ears as Siwon's thoughts lingered on Yesung.

Now Siwon's thoughts were NOT dirty, he was in church for pity sake. He thought about Yesung's smile, how his cheeks would puff up and how his eyes would crinkle and disappear, making the older look like an apple. He thought about Yesung's laugh, so loud and boisterous. How Siwon wished Yesung would laugh just for him in private, or even just smile at him from some inside joke know only by them.

As church was ending Siwon's thoughts halted to a stop as realization washed over him like an epiphany sent straight from the hands of god.

"I love Yesung" Siwon admitted out loud, only loud enough for Kyuhyun and Donghae to catch it.

They stilled their movements and looked over at the well build man, questions lingering on the tips of their tongues, but unable to voice them out.

Siwon loved Yesung? As in the religious bible freak loved the occasional emo oddball?

Donghae wanted to question, needed to know where this sudden declaration had come from but Kyuhyun spoke first.

"Are you sure?" Kyuhyun asked. He wasn't asking out of shock that the perfect Siwon could love the dorky Yesung, he was asking as someone who wanted to protect a hyung, and hyung he loved and cared about deeply. Kyuhyun would never let Siwon hurt Yesung, even if Siwon was bigger and stronger than him, he wouldn't allow Siwon to run off with Yesung's heart if he wasn't being completely honest.

Siwon looked Kyuhyun in the eyes, conveying complete and utter honesty before he spoke "I love Yesung" he said, there was no hint of dishonesty in his voice, only sincerity.

Kyuhyun accepted his words and with a nod of his head they exchanged a silent agreement that Siwon had his approval.

Donghae watched the silent exchange of acceptance and saw as Siwon turned to him asking for his approval as well, but Donghae was reluctant. Sure people only ever saw him as a selfish, self-centered, overly emotional man who jumped to conclusions and violence too quickly and that was true but underneath all that there was a heart that was too big and held too many emotions that flowed out as easily as air left his lungs.

He wanted to approve, he wanted to give his blessing but he didn't want his friends, his family to be hurt. Yesung didn't go around giving his heart away willingly and Siwon wasn't exactly and expert at protecting something as fragile as the small organ.

Donghae looked at Kyuhyun as if begging the younger man to give him the answers, because they both knew that Yesung harbored feelings for the chocolate abed man.

Kyuhyun smiled and Donghae knew what the younger was trying to covey mentally.

Donghae returned the smile and turned back to the expecting Siwon "It won't be easy, but we're here for you" he offered.

Siwon smiled at Donghae, feeling completely touched by the older's words. Of course it wouldn't be easy. For all he knew Yesung had never been in love. It wasn't something the older male talked about; of course Siwon didn't talk about it either, he just assumed Yesung's feelings would never be easy to read.

He knew Yesung was gay, hell they all were, name one person in their business that wasn't. But he wasn't entirely sure what the older male's type was. Siwon never liked to talk about it so he really only knew that Donghae's type was Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun's type was Sungmin, Leeteuk's type was Kangin, and Heechul's type was Hangeng. As far as the other member went, he had literally no idea.

He looked at Kyuhyun and Donghae; they did agree to be there for him, which basically meant they would help him (with a little bit of force)

Now Siwon wasn't evil, far from it in fact, but he had his moments. And if you were to blame anyone, then the blame should be placed on Heechul and Kyuhyun. Siwon had seen enough of those two to know he's learned from the best. So when Siwon smirked, that evil smirk, not even Kyuhyun could repress the shudder that ran down his spine.  He's seen that smirk before. It was the same smirk Sungmin would do right before he was about to do something sinister. Yes Sungmin was a tad evil, well what do  you expect when he's lived with Heechul and dates Kyuhyun (the pumpkin had a bit of an evil streak)

Donghae grabbed Kyuhyun's arm out of fear. He's never seen Siwon look that evil, like evil enough to be set on the same level as Kyuhyun and Heechul. Plus being in a church didn't help, it only made Siwon seem like more of a demon then it would have if they were standing outside.

"You two are going to help me get Yesung" Siwon proclaimed. Kyuhyun went to protest but Siwon's words stopped him before he even had the chance to open his mouth "or I swear to the holly god that I will make your private time with Sungmin and Eunhyuk nonexistent"

Kyuhyun and Donghae swallowed loudly. If there was one thing Siwon was good at it was interrupting their time with their lovers.

"What do we have to do?" Doghae aske tentatively


Tags: pairing: siwon/yesung, the siwon situation

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