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Beautiful Hangover chapter 9

Title: Beautiful Hangover
Chapter: 9/?
Pairings: Hyukhae, Sihae, Kyumin, Kihae, Haesica
Rating: PG-13 for this chapter
Warning: Mention of drug use, addiction, sexual situations, swearing and violence (not in this chapter)
Summary: Kyuhyun invents a drug that is so powerful it changes your life, one taste and you're hooked



"What you do mean 'there has been an unexpected development in his life?" Donghae questioned Kyuhyun.

"It seemes that Eunhyuk's father decided to merge with one of your former clients' family businesses?" Kyuhyun answered vaguely.

Donghae's heart started to speed up as fear crept into his stomach "What former client?" he reluctantly asked.

"Siwon" Kyuhyun answered "Choi Siwon"

Donghae's heart stopped.

He couldn't breathe.

His life just got really complicated.

Sungmin noticed Donghae's discomfort and pitied him. He noticed how Donghae was starting to panic so he decided to distract Kyuhyun before he noticed Donghae's odd behavior. Because Kyuhyun wasn't aware that Donghae still kept in touch with some of his clients. Only Donghae, Sungmin and Kibum were aware of Donghae's secret life.

"What do you want Donghae to do?" Sungmin asked his lover. He wanted to pull Kyuhyun's focus to him long enough for Donghae to compose himself.

"I want him to stay away from Eunhyuk for a while" Kyuhyun answered "With this business merger going on the media will be all over it. Eunhyuk's going to be in the public eye for a while and while that is happening I don't want you anywhere near him, it's not safe" Kyuhyun stated at Donghae.

Donghae nodded his head, not fully understanding what he was agreeing to.

"It won't be safe to deal to Siwon either" Kyuhyun said at Sungmin "Call him up and make him buy enough pills to get him through for a while"

Sungmin nodded his head in understanding. He looked down at Donghae, who had gone white. He knew he had to do something before Kyuhyun caught onto Donghae's odd behavior.

"I'll go do that now" Sungmin said "come on Donghae, I'll take you home" he grabbed the younger boy and pulled him towards the exit "I'll see you later Kyu" he said opening the door and pushing Donghae out.

He pulled Donghae down the hall and towards his car. Donghae was being quiet but it was understandable.


Donghae sat in Sungmin's car in complete silence. He ignored the older man's attempts at trying to get him to speak.

Sungmin looked over at Donghae and sighed. IT was no use trying to convince the younger it wasn't going to be that bad when he knew that wasn't true.

Kyuhyun had no idea Donghae kept in touch with some of his clients and Sungmin never felt the need to bring it up. Donghae deserved a life too, no matter how complicated and fucked up it was. It was his life, his choice. And Kyuhyun would only freak out. He warned Donghae many times that these people were dangerous and even though Sungmin agreed with that Donghae was old enough to make his own decisions.

Sungmin pulled his car into a parking spot in front of Siown's apartment building.

"I know it seems like an impossible situation right now" Sungmin said, not even bothering to make sure Donghae was listening "but if you just do what Kyuhyun said and your're careful, you might not get caught"

Donghae scoffed "I'm halfway caught already Sungmin. They know each other" he said turning towards the older man.

Sungmin looked down at his hands not wanting to see the desperation in Donghae's eyes "Maybe just this once you could listen to Kyuhyun" he said not making eye contact with the younger man "Just stay away from them"

Donghae looked at Sungmin, desperate for the older male's eye contact, which he wasn't giving "I don't think I can do that" he admitted.

Sungmin looked at Donghae at his sudden declaration "Why not?" he asked, it's not like Donghae really loved those people. They were just a way to settle his loneliness, a way to take away his past pain for a minute.

"I...I don't know why" Donghae said looking into Sungmin's eyes, desperately searching for answers the older male did not posses "I just feel like I can't"

"You haven't even tried" Sungmin said. He wanted to pull his eyes away from the younger but he was trapped in their intensity.

"I know" Donghae admitted turning away for Sungmin to look out the window, Sungmin waited for him to continue but he didn't.

Sungmin had no idea what to say. He had no idea how to help his younger friend. But he had a feeling Donghae wasn't going to listen to Kyuhyun. He was sure Donghae would continue to see Siwon and Eunhyuk.

"Promise me one thing" Sungmin said

Donghae turned towards the older man ready to agree to anything he asked.

Sungmin looked into Donghae's eyes and asked one simple request

"Promise me you won't stay at Siwon's place" he said

Donghae was silent for a second but the seriousness in Sungmin's eyes told him he had to agree

"I promise Sungmin" he said "I'll move out today" and he was being honest. Becuase if it was for Sungmin Donghae was willing to do anything, he loved Sungmin too much not to do what he wanted.

Sungmin smiled sadly at Donghae "Thank you" he said

Donghae smiled back, nodding his head and opening the car door to get out.

He walked up towards Siwon's apartment with a heavy heart.

Donghae sat down on the couch, his mind racing with a thousand different thoughts. He wanted to listen to Kyuhyun, he owed him his life but something deep inside of himself made him feel like that was impossible.

He ran his hand through his hair letting out a frustrated sigh "It's only for a little while" he told himself "why can't I stay away?"

Donghae hated himself; hated that he couldn't listen to the people he loved. Kyuhyun and Sungmin only wanted to protect him, which was more than other people wanted to do with him.

"Why is this so difficult?" Donghae spoke but the kiss he shared with Eunhyuk on the park bench flashed in his mind. He closed his eyes and shook his head "There really is no reason for me to see Eunhyuk" he said "If I'm not getting him hooked I don't have a reason to see him"

Donghae felt oddly saddened by that fact.

But then he remembered "I still have to get that book back" he smiled

He remained silent for a minute "But then there will be no reason for us to continue meeting"

Donghae smiled sadly "I guess it wasn't meant to be...I guess its better that I didn't really get to know him"


"It was nice to meet you Hyukjae sshi" Siwon said with a bow, he was raise to always polite.

"It's Eunhyuk actually" Eunhyuk said casually, trying to be friendly.

Siwon raised and eyebrow, nodded and then repeated "It was nice to meet you Hyukjae sshi"

They hated each other.

Neither really had a justifiable reason. They just hated each other; it was as simple as that.

Siwon felt that Eunhyuk was an idiot and Eunhyuk thought Siwon was an uptight prick.

There was honestly no reason for them to hate each other. The meeting with their fathers went smoothly. They even had things in common. But none of that mattered  because deep down they just simply hated each other.

"Uhh...yeah" Eunhyuk said, caught off guard by Siwon's refusal to call him by his nickname "it was nice to meet you too Siwon...sshi" he added the honorific after he noticed Siwon's upturned eyebrow.

Siwon nodded his head in acceptance of the other's words and left the board room. He was feeling tense and he wanted to go home to see his Donghae.

It was late, really late and Donghae had fallen asleep on the couch waiting for Siwon to return home.

Siwon walked into the living room to find his lover curled up in a ball on the couch. He smiled and walked into the bedroom to retrieve a blanket. He didn't want to wake the younger man up and Donghae had always loved to sleep on the couch. It was one of the reason's Siwon had never replaced it, even though it didn't match anything in his apartment.

After placing the blanket on Donghae Siwon went to take a shower. He needed to wash away the stress he had earned from being locked in a board room with his father and that Hyukjae.


Donghae woke up wrapped in a blanket. He tried to clear his sleep clouded mind but he couldn't remember having a blanket before he went to sleep. There was only one explanation. Siwon was home.

Donghae looked at his watch and noted the time "It's too late to leave tonight" he said

He stretched his arms and stood up, grabbing the blanket and made his way to the bedroom.

Siwon was lying in the bed reading a book; he looked up when he noticed Donghae standing in the doorway "Are you gong to come to bed or are you planning on sleeping in the doorway?" Siwon asked amused.

Donghae smiled and moved to climb into the bed. He snuggled up close to Siwon while Siwon finished reading the paragraph he was on.

Donghae wrapped his arms around Siwon and pulled himself close to the older male. Closing his eyes he breathed in Siwon's sent.

Donghae imagined what it would be like to stay away from Siwon.

It felt wrong.

But not as heartbreaking as it felt when he thought about staying away from Eunhyuk.

Even though he knew he promised, even though he knew it was safer Donghae didn't want to stay away from Siwon. He didn't want to leave, but he knew he had to.

Siwon noticed Donghae was being oddly cuddly. Not that he minded. Actually he wished Donghae would be like this more often, but he knew Donghae, so he knew something was troubling the younger.

"Hae what's the matter?" he asked

"I..." Donghae started, snuggling deeper into Siwon "I have to leave tomorrow"

"And go where?" Siwon asked

Donghae was silent, which didn't shock Siwon. Donghae never told him where he was going, or when he'd be back for that matter.

Donghae took in a deep breath. He had spent the entire day coming up with some story about where he was going and why he probably wouldn't be around for a while but right now, cuddled next to Siwon Donghae didn't feel like fabricating some bull shit story.

"I haven't decided yet" Donghae said honestly

"Then why are you leaving?" Siwon asked a little bit amused and a little bit confused by what the younger man was talking about.

"I made a promise" Donghae admitted honestly again

Siwon smiled finally understanding the younger "Do you want to leave?" he asked hopeful

Donghae inhaled Siwon's scent and thought about the question

"No" he said

"Then stay" Siwon suggested

"I can't"


"I just can't"

"You don't know where you're going and you don't want to go?" Siwon asked "So why not just stay with me?"

Donghae laughed detaching himself from Siwon's warm body "I have to get a book back tomorrow" Donghae stated, he was always so good at distraction.

"What book?" Siwon asked

"Romeo and Juliet" Donghae said "It's for my best friend and I kind of lost it" he said sheepishly

Siwon giggled "You know I have a copy of that book around here somewhere. You could always give him that"

Donghae smiled, he didn't want to give Kibum just any book, he wanted to give Kibum the book that Eunhyuk had and it wasn't entirely because it might be the last time Donghae might get to see Eunhyuk in a while "That would be nice except it was a library book that I lost...but I know where it is so it won't be too hard to locate" he yawned

Siwon laughed "Okay" he said "you should get some sleep, it seems like you'll be very busy tomorrow" Siwon teased

Donghae smiled "I'll still visit" he said "this isn't goodbye"

Siwon smiled back "Sleep" he said kissing Donghae on the forehead

"Goodnight Siwonie" Donghae said closing his eyes

"Goodnight Hae" Siwon replied turning off the light and then laying down pulled Donghae into his embrace. He didn't want the younger man to leave but he knew he couldn't make him stay, no one could.

A/N: I am so sorry this took so long to update. Do you even remember this fic? It's been a long time and i'm really sorry about that, and i'm also sorry that this chapter sucks. I really really hate this chapter. But I think i'm finally over my writer's block, so hopefully the next chapters will be a lot better. Thank you for reading this and waiting so patiently for me :D I love you all <3



Tags: beautiful hangover, pairing: eunhyuk/donghae, pairing: kyuhyun/sungmin, pairing: siwon/donghae

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  • 4 Drabbles

    Title: Beginning of stories that will never be told Pairings: Eunhae. Yewook. Kyusung. Haewook. Rating: PG-13 (for all 4) Summary: Four stories of…

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