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Beautiful Hangover chapter 11

Title: Beautiful Hangover
Chapter: 11/?
Pairings: Hyukhae, Kyumin, Sihae, Kihae, Haesica
Rating: R
Warning: Mention of drug use, addiction, sexual situations, swearing and violence
Summary: Kyuhyun invents a drug that is so powerful it changes your life, one taste and you're hooked.

Donghae ran until he was out of the park. He slowed down and joined the herd of people walking in the streets. He let them lead the way, fallowing no one in particular. Until an arm reached out and grabbed him.

"Where have you been?" It was Jessica, one of his 4 loves and the only girl.

"Oh, hey Sica" Donghae mumbled, he was still lost in his thoughts.

"Hey Sica? It's been what? A month and that's all you have to say" Donghae smiled at the bitchy comment. He missed her.

"Sorry baby" he said mockingly, Jessica hated it when he called her that.

"Don't call me that" She said with a shudder

"Sorry" Donghae apologized "So what are you doing around here?" he said looking around to see where exactly he was. He hadn't been paying attention to where he was walking.

"I'm just buying some groceries for a party I'm throwing" She answered with a smile as sweet as poison "I'd invite y ou but I'm not sure you have the time. You didn't even have the time to call me, so you much be very busy"

Donghae smiled at her sarcasm. Most people believed Jessica to be a bitch but that was only her mask, on the inside Jessica was warm hearted and kind. Donghae thought they were a lot alike and that in another life they could have been siblings.

"I've missed you" Donghae said, choosing to ignore the snide comment that left the pretty girls mouth.

"If you'd missed me you would have come sooner"

Donghae laughed loudly in her face causing her to scowl and turn around walking away. Donghae fallowed after her. He'd known she'd walk away and she knew he'd fallow.

"So?" He asked catching up to her and linking their arms together "Need any help?"

She smiled up at him "I thought you'd never ask"


Eunhyuk stayed sitting in the park even after Donghae had left. His mind was full of a million thoughts, most of them concerning Donghae.

The young man just walzed into his life with an interesting pick up line in a shady bar. Eunhyuk was never one for commitment. And he NEVER asked for phone numbers, there was no need. He never intended to see the people he hooked up with again but with Donghae it was different. Or at least he thought it was different. He didn't just want to have sex with Donghae and run, he actually just wanted to be around Donghae. Sex wasn't even on his mind.


"So?" Donghae said carrying the millions of bags Jessica had thrown into his arms "No car?"

Jessica laughed "No car"

"Is this some kind of punishment?" Donghae asked struggling to keep the contents of the bags in his arms.

"If it was would you say you didn't deserve it?" She laughed picking up her speed.

"No" Donghae said "I may have deserved it but you didn't know you'd run into me today, how were you planning on getting all this stuff back to your apartment?"

Jessica smiled at him. That smile that lured men right into her trap. Just like a moth to a flame. "Same way I always get them there"

Donghae smiled back at the vague answer. He had a lingering thought of telling her it was dangerous to let strangers drive her home from the grocery store but he knew she wouldn't listen. She was just like him, strong willed and incompliant. If she wanted to do something there was no changing her mind.


Siwon sat in a hard uncomfortable chair looking to Mr. Lee as he once again tried to reach his son. Hyukjae had b een ignoring his father's calls for quite some time now.

Siwon wanted to tell the man that his son was probably off doing something stupid, or that the moron forgot that they had a meeting. But he held his tongue. As much as he hated Hyukjae he would never disrespect the boy's father.

The old man hung up the phone and with a sigh he apologized "It would seem my son has forgotten about our meeting this morning. I do apologize"

"Maybe we should reschedule" Siwon's father offered.

Hyukjae's father nodded and stood up. Siwon noticed the irritation and anger in the old man's eyes. It would seem that Hyukjae's behavior wasn't only annoying him.

"Somehow I wish my son was more like you Siwon" the old man said "then at least maybe he would show up on time"

Siwon offered a smile as acceptance of the praise and after a short goodbye the man left, leaving Siwon and his father in the large board room.

"Maybe you should spend more time with Hyukjae" his father said "it may do him some good to see how a responsible young man should act"

Siwon wanted to decline but the look in his father's eyes told him it was not a suggestion.

"Sure" Siwon said "I completely agree" his father smiled at him and stood up to leave

"You can start hanging out with him tomorrow" and with that his father left, leaving Siwon alone with his thoughts.

"Great" he said out loud "now I have to waste my time with that ignoramus"


"Finally" Donghae exclaimed, dropping all the bags onto Jessica's kitchen table "Why do you live so far away from the grocery store?" He asked sitting in one of the chairs.

She smiled at him, offering a cold glass of water which he gladly accepted. He drank it down quickly, Jessica standing next to him with a mischievous smirk on her face.

"What is it?" He asked as soon as he finished drinking.

"Put them away" she said pointing to the bags on the table. He gaped at her "You can't be serious"

"I never joke when it comes to tidying" she said

Donghae rolled his eyes but stood up anyways "Anything for you baby" he said mockingly

"GAHHH! Don't call me that" She shuddered. But then smiled picking up a bag and helping him with putting things away.


20 Minutes later Donghae was sitting on a couch with Jessica cuddled next to him. They were watching some old movie about unrequited love.

"This is so ridiculous" Jessica said

"I know" Donghae agreed "I could get that girl to fall in love with me like that" he said snapping his fingers.

"Seriously" Jessica said with a smile "Just a batting of my eyelashes and a few kissy faces and even I would have that girl in my bed"

They both laughed. It was true. Jessica could make anyone fall in love with her, what with her bitchy 'I'm better than you' attitude and that cute face people willingly fell into her trap. Donghae was the same way, a handsome face with an 'I have no time for you' attitude; he barely had to try to get people to fall for him, they willingly threw themselves at him.

As easily and as often as people fell in love with them it was rarely returned. Both had a dark past that neither liked nor wanted to talk about. They were perfectly perfect for each other in a chaotic way and spent their days together ignoring the things they'd rather forget.

Jessica 'dealt' with her issues by turning to drugs and putting up an ice cold barrier around her heart, a barrier that Donghae did not try to melt. And that is what she loved most about him; he didn't try and force her to reveal anything she didn't want to. He allowed her to be...well herself. A beautiful messed up girl with no intention of changing.

Donghae was the same. A beautiful mess wrapped up in a teenage body. Siwon always tried to change him, wanted him to be better than he was. Kibum just listened, offering the truth no matter how painful it was for Donghae to hear. But with Jessica it was so simple. She never demanded anything from him; she never offered criticism or told him to change. She just let him be. And Donghae did the same for her.

Both of them, on some level, acknowledged that their relationship was a bit toxic. That they really should be trying to make the other want to be...something more but they were continent in their life. They loved each other the way they wanted. And there was nothing anyone could do about it.


Eunhyuk fell onto his bed with an exasperated sigh. He had just returned from being scolded by his father, he was also informed that starting tomorrow he would have to spend time with Siwon. He had begged his father for another punishment but once his father saw how much he detested Siwon that only made him more eager for Eunhyuk to follow through with the punishment.

He rolled over and pulled the cover's over himself "I need to fuck something" he said out loud, kicking off the sheets he had just pulled over himself Eunhyuk crawled out of bed and headed to his shower.


"Are you ready yet?" Jessica asked pounding on the bathroom door and Donghae immerged from it only seconds later "You take longer than I do to get ready" she scolded him.

Donghae smiled at her and took her hand "No one takes as long as you to get ready" he said

She scoffed and pulled her hand away "I have natural beauty, I don't need time" She said turning around and walking into the living room. He smiled and followed after her.

"Is everything ready?" he asked scanning the room. There was alcohol and food spread out around everywhere.

Jessica's parties were...forgettable, but that's only because you'd have so much fun you wouldn't remember any of it when you woke up the next day.

"Of course" she said "you took so long in the bathroom I could have set up and thrown the party already" she teased.

Donghae mumbled an friendly inaudible 'bitch' under his breath that somehow Jessica noticed.

"Call me a bitch one more time and I'll wash your mouth out with soap" she threatened halfheartedly with a smile.

Donghae laughed and put his hands up mockingly like he'd been caught in a crime "Sorry officer it won't happen again"

Jessica rolled her eyes at the childish display and pulled out a single golden pill. Donghae's smile dropped.

"Didn't you just take one an hour ago?" he asked

"Who are you my mother?" she scolded "It's a party loosen up" she said and then kissed him quickly on the lips.

She walked over to her makeshift bar and poured herself a shot of tequila, placing the golden pill into the glass. With a smile she downed the liquid and pill in one shot, letting it burn her throat in a good way.

She turned to Donghae "It's going to be a good night" she siad. He smiled and nodded his head. 'A night so good that she won't remember it' he thought before he walked over to her and kissed her. The awful lingering taste of alcohol on her lips, he pulled away and smiled "It's always a good night with you" he said.


Eunhyuk leaned against the bar and ordered himself another hard drink. Anything strong enough to stop his mind from telling him he had to wake up early in the morning.

Drink after drink he downed them all like his life depended on it. He hated getting drunk but he hated his thoughts more. Just having to think about spending time with Siwon had him ordering another glass of brown colored alcohol that he'd already forgotten the name of.

"Drowning your thoughts away?" an attractive young woman asked him.

"Maybe" Eunhyuk answered, taking another sip of the alcohol.

Eunhyuk caught that she was watching his throat as the liquid ran down his throat. He downed the rest, ignoring the burn.

"Do you want to get out of here?" He asked once he set the glass down

"I thought you'd never ask" she smiled taking his hand. Even with his cloudy alcohol fuelled mind her hand felt wrong in his, but as drunk as he was he was able to ignore it.


It was getting late and Donghae had long lost track of Jessica in the mass of people drinking and dancing in the front room. Donghae suddenly felt suffocated and stood up from his seemingly permanent position on the couch. He usually wasn't like this. Normally he was social and had way too much fun at Jessica's parties but tonight he just wasn't into it. He stretched his legs before he made his way to the bedroom.

Donghae opened the door only to find Jessica. Who was currently being fucked by some random guy that Donghae didn't care to stick around long enough to be able to see his face. He wasn't upset. Donghae and Jessica had an unspoken agreement that they could fuck whoever they chose and it wan't like Donghae was the poster boy for monogamy.

Donghae apologized when Jessica's lust filled eyes landed on him and with a smile he shut the door. He walked through the crowd of people and went out onto the balcony for some fresh air. No one was around and he decided to hang out there until the guests were gone.

He sat down in a comfy chair and stared up at the night sky, thinking about nothing and everything.


Two hours later Donghae had come back into the house and cuddled up to the now sleeping Jessica. She wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled herself closer to his body, her head resting on his chest. Donghae chuckled at her tangled mess of hair. She'd be pissed about that in the morning. He whispered "Good night baby" and even in her sleep she groaned in protest. He chuckled again before he closed his eyes and tried to fall asleep.

A/N: Sorry this took so long to update. This chapter was so hard to write, I hope it turned out okay. I honestly don't know anything about SNSD, I mean they have okay song but I really don't listen to them, and I also have no idea how they act.

I actually really like Jessica in this fic. I don't know why but I really like her personality in here. Tell me what you think. Was it a fail? I hope not.

And YES, Eunhyuk did have sex with that girl. I didn't want to write smut (I was being very stubborn, but something tells me you don't want to read that kind of smut XD so I don't feel bad about it)

Also sorry that this chapter has like no Hyukhae in it. I promise the next chapters will have a lot more in it, I just had to introduce Jessica. It will be very important to the story later on.

Thank you so much for reading <3



Tags: beautiful hangover, pairing: eunhyuk/donghae, pairing: kyuhyun/sungmin, pairing: siwon/donghae

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    Title: Beginning of stories that will never be told Pairings: Eunhae. Yewook. Kyusung. Haewook. Rating: PG-13 (for all 4) Summary: Four stories of…

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