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Beautiful Hangover chapter 16 part 2/2

Title: Beautiful Hangover
Chapter: 16 part 2 /?
Pairings: Hyukhae, Kyumin, Sihae, Kihae, Haesica
Rating: PG 13 for this chapter
Warning: Mention of drug use, addiction, sexual situations, swearing and violence
Summary: Kyuhyun invents a drug that is so powerful it changes your life, one taste and you're hooked.

Siwon had long ditched Eunhyuk and was wandering around the streets of Seoul in search of the perfect items to make his night with Donghae memorable.

It was his intention to create the perfect night with Donghae in order to make the younger want to stay with him.

He wondered around the shops picking up exclusive food (prepared by the finest chefs in Seoul) expensive booze (although Donghae rarely drank, the result of his drunkenness was quite favorable) and the most exquisite flowers.

Siwon have every intention of making sure Donghae never wanted to leave his side again.


Donghae had finally arrived at Kibum's house after a rather eventful afternoon. He was currently sitting on the couch staring at the television he had only turned on to get away from Kibum's stare. But paying attention to the rubbish television show when Kibum's intense gaze was drilling into the side of his head was becoming harder and harder to do.

"What?" Donghae finally snapped, turning to the side to face Kibum.

"Where did you get this?" Kibum asked, holding up the copy of Romeo and Juliet the younger had thrown into his hands upon his arrival.

"It's a gift Kibum, you're supposed to say thank you" Donghae said and Kibum whent quiet.

"Did you steal it?" he asked after a long pause

"No!" Donghae exclaimed "Someone gave it to me as a gift. I didn't want it so I'm giving it to you"

"Right" Kibum said slowly and then went silent for a second "Do you want any tea?" he asked

"Uhh...Sure" Donghae responded, he never knew what Kibum would say, it's part of what attracted Donghae to Kibum in the first place.

Kibum stood up and went into the kitchen to make some tea, leaving Donghae alone with the television on and the book next to his lap.


Sungmin had finished the completely shitty television show he had opted to watch instead of leaving Donghae's apartment. It was getting late and Donghae was nowhere in sight. He knew the younger wouldn't be back anytime soon.

Sungmin looked down at his watch, it read 6:15. He knew Kyuhyun would be home by now. He also knew Kyuhyun would be fiddling with a bunch of take out menu's trying to decide what he wanted to eat. And he knew deep down that Kyuhyun would be trying very hard not to call him.

In fact, he was very surprised that Kyuhyun had lasted this long without calling him, so surprised in fact that he started getting little nervous bubbles filling up his stomach. Did Kyuhyun even care that he ran away? Did he even care that he wasn't at home? Did he even care?

The panic set in as Sungmin realized that Kyuhyun wasn't just the love of his life. He was figuratively (or as Sungmin would put it, literally) his life, his heart, his soul, his lungs. Anything he needed to survive, that was what Kyuhyun was.

Kyuhyun was the reason air filled his lungs, the reason blood pumped through his heart, the reason Sungmin stopped thinking about killing himself in the atrocious white hospital room.

Kyuhyun was Sungmin's reason for living.

And he had run away from it.

He had run away from the only person (Donghae excluded) that had ever given a shit about him. The only person who had ever loved him, like truly loved him.

"I'm an idiot" Sungmin exclaimed.

He turned the television off and placed the remote back where he had found it. He picked up his coat and ran towards the door, making sure to lock it on his way out.

He ran down the flights of stairs leading out to the car park, stumbling down a couple in his haste. But it didn't slow him down. He needed to get home, he had to get home. Because that's where Kyuhyun was, and where Kyuhyun was Sungmin had to be there too.


Kibum and Donghae were drinking tea in silence.

Donghae wanted to ask why Kibum had suddenly turned so cold towards him but thought against it. Kibum was a complex guy. He was a puzzle, a mystery, an enigma. Eventually he would tell Donghae what was bothering him.

But Donghae was not gifted with patients

"Why are you mad at me?" Donghae snapped. His mind could only take so much of the silent judgement that Kibum was sending his way.

"I'm not mad at you" Kibum responded in that monotone 'I actually don't give a fuck about what you're saying' voice. It intrigued Donghae that someone could seem so distant but Donghae could feel Kibum's emotions.

Kibum was clearly mad at him.

"What did I do?" the younger asked, almost pleading. Donghae tried to act like he didn't care what people thought about him but it was all just a mask, he truly did care, especially when it was Kibum.

Kibum picked up the book that lay between them and smacked it against Donghae's forehead.

"Ouch!" Donghae exclaimed, rubbing the spot Kibum had just hit him on "What was that for?"

"You're an idiot" Kibum stated matter-o-factly, throwing the book into Donghae's lap so he could pick up his cup and took a sip.

"Why?" Donghae asked, looking down at the book in his lap.

They sat in silence, Kibum staring at Donghae through the corner of his eye and Donghae staring motionlessly at the book in his lap.

"Who gave you that book?" Kibum asked nonchalantly

"N-No one special" Donghae said, missing Kibum's smile.

"No one special?" Kibum repeated cooly

"What?" Donghae asked in confusion, tearing his eyes away from the book.

"Why do you insist on lying to me?" Kibum asked after a long pause

"I'm not lying to you" Dongahe stated

"The person who gave this to you, did you sleep with them?" Kibum asked causing Donghae to gape at the pther in pure shock.

"W-What?" he stuttered

"Did you sleep with teh person who gave you that book?"

"Why would you ask that?"

"So you did" Kibum stated "Do you love him? I assume it's a him because you don't really do the whole girl thing"

"I h-have Jessica" Donghae said, avoiding the older man's question.

"Don't even get me started on how fucked up that relationship is" Kibum said "Do you love him?'

"I-I love all of you" Donghae answered, suddenly more nervous than he'd ever been in front of Kibum.

Kibum took another sip of his tea before he placed it back down on the table. He closed his eyes and let out a sigh, turning to the younger man when he reopened his eyes.

"You poor thing" he said, letting his hand run through Donghae's silky hair. Donghae unconsciously leaned into the touch, letting his eyes shut.

He felt Kibum's hand move from his hair to the back of his neck, pulling him closer. Donghae's heart sped up. Kibum was infamous for paralyzing Donghae with his touch; there was just something about his skilled fingers that could stop Donghae in his tracks. Make his heart speed and slow at the same time. Make him see the answers to questions he wasn't even asking.

"You're in love" Kibum stated, looking at the younger man who still had his eyes closed.

Unbeknownst to Donghae he had nodded to the question and with his eyes still shut he missed the slight smile that graced Kibum's lips.

After what seemed like an eternity, Kibum pulled Donghae closer to him, leaning his face in close and kissed Donghae on the lips. It was short and soft, with hardly any pressure. And before Donghae could even register the kiss, Kibum had pulled away.

"Go home Donghae" Kibum said, letting go of Donghae's face. He stood up and walked towards his bedroom, not even bothering to check if the younger man had listened.

Donghae didn't even open his eyes until he heard the soft click of Kibum's bedroom door closing. He stood up and looked over at the now closed door "Sometimes you're so fucking weird" he said before he grabbed his coat and left the apartment, locking it on his way out.


Sungmin stood in front of his door, contemplating whether or not he should open it.

When he had left Donghae's apartment he had been so sure, so certain that coming back was the right thing to do. But now, standing in front of the door, Sungmin wasn't so sure.

His determination to see Kyuhyun rose and fell with each beating of his heart. But even as his willpower slipped away he reached for the door knob and opened the door.

The apartment was quiet. There were no lights on and looking around, Sungmin wasn't so sure anyone was home.

He was about to call out, to make his presence known but decided against it when he thought about how foolish he would look talking to an obviously empty apartment.

So instead he let out a sigh and headed towards the bathroom to take a nice hot shower. Hoping it would wash away all his anxiety and fear about not knowing where Kyuhyun was.


Siwon had just picked up the last of his supplies for his night with Donghae and was walking back to his car when he passed a book store. The same book store he had went into a few days ago with Hyukjae. The same bookstore Hyukjae bought the very expensive limited edition of Romeo and Juliet. The same book Donghae had dropped in the store earlier.

But that couldn't be right.

Donghae and Hyukjae didn't even know each other.

Siwon shrugged it off as some sort of odd coincidence and continued walking towards his car.

He had to set up for his perfect date with Donghae. He didn't have time to speculate on things that were impossible.


When Donghae arrived at his apartment it was only 6'oclock, he had made plans to meet Siwon at 8, or possible later, he was never one to show up on time.

So with 2, possibly more hours until his 'date' Donghae didn't have anything to do.

Sungmin was nowhere in sight, which Donghae took as a good sign.

He decided he was going to watch an hour worth of television before he took a shower and got ready but soom realized that just like before Sungmin had come over he had no idea where his remote was.

"How the hell can something so small get lost so easily?" Donghae questioned

After another 13 seconds of searching he opted to read a book instead.

But seeing as he had absolutely no books in his home he had to read the only thing there...the copy of Romeo and Juliet that Eunhyuk had bought for him.

So he made himself comfortable on the couch and started to read.

A few pages into it and Donghae starts to wonder if he's not intellectual enough to truly appreciate one of the most well know works of William Shakespear.

Either way, he continues reading.

And soon and hour has come and gone.

He puts the open book down on the coffee table, stands up, stretches his muscles and then heads towards his shower.


A freshly showered Sungmin steps out of his warm bathroom into a cold empty apartment. With a long dejected sigh he dragged his feet towards his bedroom to get dressed.

He had hoped that by the time he had finished showering Kyuhyun would be home.

But he was never a lucky person and this time was no different.


Kyuhyun had spent longer cooking the drugs than he had planned on. But sometimes these things couldn't be helped.

It was dark outside but he wasn't in any rush to get home. It's not like anyone was waiting for him.

He walked slowly towards his car, admiring the oddly picturesque scenery surrounding the old abandoned warehouse he conducted his business out of. He remembered that out of all the buildings he looked at Sungmin liked this one the most. That was the main reason he decided to buy the hidden place. Not only was it safe enough that no one questioned what he was doing inside but it also made Sungmin smile whenever he looked out and saw the crazy weird flowers that only seemed to grow around the building.

Kyuhyun had joked that they were called little Ming flowers and that they only grew here because Sungmin had chosen the place. Sungmin had called him stupid, but he had also smiled wider than Kyuhyun had ever seen.

It hurt Kyuhyun that Sungmin had run away from him after he had finally told him about his past. A past that Kyuhyun wasn't even sure he wanted to know about anymore. But not that he did know he understood why Sungmin had run. It didn't make that knowledge any less painful, only more understandable.

Somewhere lost in his thoughts, Kyuhyun reached down and plucked a single Ming flower out of the dirt. He placed it into his pocket after examining the unique specimen for a split second.

With the flower safely pocketed he continued on towards his car, to drive home to an empty apartment.


Donghae had showered and dressed. There was still 15 minutes until 8 o'clock so Donghae gave himself one last look into the mirror before he grabbed his keys and jacket, locked up his apartment and headed to Siwon's house.

A/N: I am so so so so sorry for being missing for this long, please forgive me <3 But if it helps I am officially back :D YAY! I should be updating a lot more frequently now that summer is over. I hope you still remember this story and I truly am sorry for making you wait so long for an update. feel free to murder me :D I love you guys <3 <3 <3

Tags: beautiful hangover, pairing: eunhyuk/donghae, pairing: kyuhyun/sungmin

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