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Forgotten Angel Part 1 of 4

Title: Forgotten Angel
Part: 1 of 4 (before the end)
Pairing: Eunhae
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU!Angel, Angst, unrequited love
Warning: Slightly religious themes (not to heavily though) And [This Story will not have a fluffy/happy ending]
Summary: Donghae is an angel, Eunhyuk is a human. Eunhyuk loves Donghae but Donghae can never love Eunhyuk, he is an angel after all.

❧Before The End

The night was cold; the air still and all was silent except for the sound of slow breathing. Donghae stood at the foot of the bed looking down at the being causing the disruption; it was Eunhyuk, a human.

Donghae did not love Eunhyuk, merely for the fact that he could not. Neither he nor his brothers could feel such an emotion. Sure, he felt something for the human but it was not love. His brother Yesung had told him it was probably envy. His brother Ryeowook had stated that feeling such an emotion was a sin.

They never brought it up again.

But Donghae still felt something for the human. As an angel he knew feeling anything for the human was like walking on a tight rope that led straight to damnation.

And Donghae was not willing to risk everthing for a mere human.

Humans were weak, stupid and imperfect creatures but they had one thing angels did not. They had free will.

Angels were created as soldiers. They followed orders with blind faith. They never needed to question "why?" and they never would. This fact was absolute.

Donghae would follow his orders. He had no say in the matter.

Eunhyuk shifted, rolling over onto his back. His face was in full view now and Donghae stared in sheer asonishment.

How had something as simplistic as a human captured his attention so unreservedly?

Donghae felt the urge to sigh; it was so human it almost made him feel sick. So instead Donghae moved forward to get a better look at Eunhyuk.

He moved so quickly not even the air stirred around him. He strode forward until he was at the side of the bed, merely inches away from Eunhyuk's sleeping form. He knelt down in front of the sleeping man and as if on cue, Eunhyuk turned his head towards Donghae.

The angel stilled. It was rare that an angel got caught off guard. Donghae briefly thought that maybe that was the reason God favored humans so much. He pushed the thought away but a million more popped up in its place. Humans did not suprise him, only Eunhyuk did. Maybe that was why he was drawn to the human. He was the only thing in a thousand years that made him fee so unprepared.

Donghae reached his hand up to brush Eunhyuk's cheek. The skin contact stirred Eunhyuk from his sleep.

"Hae?" the drowsy man asked sitting up and rubbing his eyes "How did you get in here?"

Donghae smiled, adjusting his aura to a more human one. He had studied humans for thousands of years so pretending to act like one was not too difficult.

"Does it matter?" he asked in a defiantly cute voice.

Eunhyuk smiled down at what he presumed was a man "I guess not" he answered "You usually do what you want anyways"

Donghae smiled, his eyes lighting up with a glint of happiness, he supposed this is how a human would respond.

Eunhyuk stretched his arms into the air, causing his shirt to ride up slightly, revealing a patch of skin. Donghae did not understand his urge to stare at it, or his slight disappointment when Eunhyuk lowered his arms. So he ignored it.

"What are you doing here?" Eunhyuk asked, a little more coherent than he had been a second ago.

Donghae did not know how to answer, so he let his facade slip, his figurative human mask falling to the floor.

"D-Donghae?" Eunhyuk asked in a shaky voice as he inched away from Donghae, whose face had suddenly become so cold looking. Nothing like the usual warm, caring, friendly face he was used to.

The angel noticed the shock on the human's face. He had been expecting it. What he hadn't been expecting though was his reaction. He suddenly felt the need to reassure Eunhyuk, so he smiled.

Eunhyuk visible relaxed when Donghae's warm smile returned.

"What's wrong?" the human asked.

Donghae paused for a moment "I'm an angel Eunhyuk"

Eunhyuk rolled his eyes "Yeah, okay Hae" he scoffed "But what is bothering you?"

Donghae kept the human facade going "It's rare that an angel gets a choice" Donghae stated with a slightly stupid smile.

"Okay" Eunhyuk said slowly, unable to read Donghae's weird mood.

"I was given a choice" Donghae said "I've never been given one before" he smiled wider

Eunhyuk nodded, thinking it was better to allow the crazy man to continue than to interrupt.

"What choice were you given?" Eunhyuk asked when Donghae didn't continue.

The angel's smile dropped, his true aura overpowering the false human deception.

"You're a liability"

"What are you here to kill me?" Eunhyuk joked, laughing slightly. He stopped abruptly when he noticed Donghae was not laughing with him.

"Are you here to kill me?" Eunhyuk yelled out of shock

Donghae looked deep into Eunhyuk's eyes; it sent a shiver down the human's spine, it was as if Donghae's gaze could see into his soul. Somehow in the back of his mind Eunhyuk knew Donghae was telling the truth. The man was an angel.

"That was one of the options" Donghae answeredd honestly, pulling Eunhyuk from his thoughts.

"Are you going to kill me?" Eunhyuk whispered. Not even a thought about running away or even screaming for help crossed his mind.

"No" Donghae answered honestly again "I chose the more drastic version"

"Which is?"

"To eradicate you from my existence" Donghae said, all false human emotions nowhere in sight "the hard way"

"T-the hard way?"

"killing you would be easy" Donghae stated brashly

Eunhyuk paled.

"But you should not have to atone for my mistake" the angel continued


"You Eunhyuk" the angel answered "You are my biggest mistake"

"How?" Eunhyuk asked, hurt, shock and anger riddling his voice.

"I have feelings towards you" Donghae answered with a burning truth that not even he understood.

"You do?" Eunhyuk asked. He was considerably happier than he had been moments ago "I have feelings for you too. I've wanted to tell you for a while now but I..." he trailed off when he noticed Donghae's confused face.

"Are all angels as dense as you?" Eunhyuk teased

"I don't understand" Donghae said "What do you mean you have feelings for me?"

"I love you" Eunhyuk said boldly "Even if you think you're an angel and have gone a little bit mad"


"Yes, Love. You have feelings for me I have feelings for you, we're in love"

"I don't love you" The angel stated plainly


"I don't love you. I'm an angel"

"You just said you had feelings for me" Eunhyuk said "And what does being an angel have to do with anything?"

"Everything" Donghae answered "Angels are incapable of love"

"Oh" Eunhyuk said slowly

"I didn't mean to mislead you" the angel said, not guiltily or in any way repentant, just stating a truth.

At a loss for words Eunhyuk nodded and then silence filled the room. It lasted minutes but to Eunhyuk it felt like an eternity. It was clear Donghae would not speak first, it was up to him.

"Are you really an angel?" Eunhyuk asked curiously

"Of course" Donghae said

"Prove it" the human urged

Donghae stood up, looked into Eunhyuk's eyes for a quarter of a second before a searing white light lit the dark room.

Eunhyuk could hardly keep his eyes open from the light emitting around Donghae, he closed his eyes after hissing in pain. THen suddenly it went dark.

Eunhyuk whimpered when he opened his eyes to pitch black "I'm blind!" he cried

"You're not blind" Donghae said, turning on the lamp next to Eunhyuk's bed "Human eyes cannot handle our true forms"

"Oh" Eunhyuk said stupidly

And then once again silence filled the small room, longer this time.

"What are you going to do to me?" Eunhyuk asked after minutes of silence

"I'm going to erase your memory" the angel answered

"Am I not supposed to know about you, I promise I won't tell anyone" Eunhyuk pleaded

Donghae looked at Eunhyuk as if the other possessed some new form of stupidity "Everyone knows about angels Eunhyuk, ever hear of a little book called The Bible?"

Eunhyuk looked sheepish as he ruffled his hair "Oh yeah"

"I meant I will erase your memory of me" Donghae said, skipping over Eunhyuk's embarrassing moment of stupidity.

"Why?" Eunhyuk asked "Don't you want to remember me?"

"I remember everything, the span of all my creation. I will never forget you" the angel paused for a moment "...but as an angel I'm not allowed to want"

"That hardly seems fair" Eunhyuk said

"I assure you it was a just decision" the angel answered

"That's not what I meant"

"I don't understand" Donghae said after a long pause

"I guess it doesn't matter anyway" Eunhyuk said "You're just going to erase this conversation anyway"

"Because I have to" Donghae answered automatically. The angel felt the need to make Eunhyuk understand he didn't have a choice, although he did not understand why.

"Do you always do everything you're told?"

"Yes" Donghae answered dutifully.

"That sounds horrible" Eunhyuk said, unable to comprehend always having to do as you were told. It sounded like hell.

"Maybe to a human" Donghae said "But as an angel it's all I know"

Eunhyuk went silent at that, the truth of the situation finally catching up to him. He was a human, Donghae was not. That fact scared him. He hadn't even suspected anything wrong with Donghae. Sure, the man was perfection on legs but he never jumped to the conclusion that Donghae wasn't human. It all seemed so...unreal.

"You're afraid" Donghae stated. He had been watching the silent Eunhyuk, the way the human had suddenly retreated into his own mind "I frighten you"

Eunhyuk looked up at Donghae's words "N-No" he stuttered, mentally kicking himself for not sounding confident.

Donghae smiled at the slight voice crack, his human pretense coming back "you'd be a fool if you weren't afraid of me"

The way Donghae could switch aura's so quickly scared Eunhyuk more than before. It made him think about the first time he saw Donghae. He thought maybe he always knew there was something different about Donghae.

"Do you remember the first time we met?" Eunhyuk asked, the memories flooding into his head

"I remember everything"


Tags: forgotten angel, pairing: eunhyuk/donghae

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  • 4 Drabbles

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