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Forgotten Angel Part 3

Title: Forgotten Angel
Part: 3 of 4 (The Middle)
Pairing: Eunhae
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU!Angel, Angst
Warning: Slightly religous themes (not to heavy though) and NO happy ending
Summary: Donghae is an angel, Eunhyuk is a human. Eunhyuk loves Donghae but Donghae can never love Eunhyuk, he is an angel after all.

The Middle
Heaven is not some floating oasis in the sky. If it was then a plane or a spaceship would have seen it by now. It isn't a physical place and it cannot be seen.

Heaven is, simply put, indefinable.

A human could spend a lifetime analyzing, reading, or searching for it but it isn't until death that they truly realize it cannot be found by the living.

But, if they really wanted to they could find a gate to heaven.

Gates to heaven are hidden all around the world. They are physical. They can be seen, can be walked into and they're always inconspicuous.

There are 7,029 gates in Korea. Donghae could care less about 7,028 of them.

The aforementioned angel walked into a tall building. It was like any other building you ignore when you walk down the street; tall, average and had always been there. There was no need to even take a second look at it.

Donghae nodded his head at the angel sitting behind the receptionist's desk; he was only there in case a human decided to wonder in out of curiosity.

Walking towards a golden elevator, he stepped into it and pressed the button leading to the top floor but before the doors could close a hand stopped them.

"Going up?" the intruder asked.

"Of course Leeteuk, would you care to join me?" Donghae asked his fellow brother.

"Sure" the angel said, stepping into the elevator just seconds before the doors closed.

They stood side by side in silence until Leeteuk turned his head and smiled at the younger.

"I haven't seen you around in awhile" the older said

"I was" Donghae said in search of the right word to use "busy"

"Ahh" Leeteuk said thoughtfully "Gardian Angel duty?"

"Not exactly" Donghae answered

Leeteuk was about to ask Donghae what he had meant, when the elevator door opened to reveal a long white hall. The two angels stepped out and made their way down the corridor.

"So what have you been doing?" Leeteuk asked as he and Donghae approached the giant wood door at the end of the hallway.

Unable to lie Donghae told Leeteuk "I've been spending time with a human"
Leeteuk was so shocked he stopped dead in his tracks.

"Who is he?" He asked curiously

Donghae stopped walking and turned around. He had the audacity to look confused by the question.

"His name, Donghae" Leeteuk persisted

"Eunhyuk" The younger answered quickly

Leeteuk was motionless for about 15 seconds looking deep in thought

"He's not a prophet" the older determined

"No, he isn't"

"Then why are you hanging around a human?"

Donghae thought about his answer. Why was he handing around a human? He wasn't an assignment. No one told him to protect the man. There was no legit reason for him to be spending any time with Eunhyuk. But somehow he just wanted to and that didn't seem right to him, because want was a sin.

Suddenly the big wooden door started to poen and three angels walked out.

"Yesung, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun" Leeteuk acknowledged "I haven't seen you three avenging angels out of heaven in a decade's time"

Donghae felt insignificant when Yesung smiled, poising to answer

"It's been a while since we were needed" he stated

Donghae nodded his head thinking someone must have done something really bad to incur the wrath of the avenging angels.

He then noticed Kyuhyun was looking at him funny, he was about to question the others stare when Kyuhyun spoke

"You smell horrible"

"Its human food" Donghae admitted "I couldn't get the smell out of my clothes"

"Why were you around human food?" Ryeowook asked curiously

"He's been hanging around a human" Leeteuk answered

"Ahhh" Yesung and Ryeowook said thoughtfully

"Gardian angel duty" Kyuhyun finished

"No" Leeteuk answered

"Prophet" the three avenging angels said in unison

"No" Leeteuk answered again. Donghae wanted to make a run for it when the three avenging angels turned towards him with questioning stares.

"Then why would you be hanging out with a human?" Kyuhyun asked as if he was disgusted by the idea.

"I..." Donghae started, still trying to figure out his reasoning "I don't know, I'm just drawn to him"

Just as Kyuhyun opened his mouth to make some snide remark the wooden door to heaven opened again and out stepped a beautiful angel.

"Sungmin" Ryeowook smiled

"Hello" Sungmin greeted, placing his hand on the younger's shoulder "What are you guys doing out here?"

"Trying to understand why Donghae has been hanging around a human" Kyuhyun answered the smaller angels' question.

"He isn't a prophet" Yesung said

"Or in need of a guardian angel" Ryeowook continued

"Maybe he's destined to have an important child" Sungmin suggested "Although that is my department and I don't know why you'd be assigned to that without my knowledge" he finished slowly with a pout.

"That must be it" Leeteuk smiled

"Yeah" The three avenging angels agreed slowly, almost skeptically.

Donghae nodded his head. It made sense that he would be drawn to Eunhyuk if his future kin were destined to do something great.

"What's his name?" Sungmin asked

"Eunhyuk" Donghae answered

Sungmin looked deep in thought for 13 seconds and then frowned. Clearly he hadn't found what he was looking for so he concentrated harder. Another 20 seconds passed before Sungmin spoke again.

"If he is a destined blood it must be really, really far into the future" Sungmin informed "farther than I can see"

Donghae nodded his head, he was back to having no reason for being around Eunhyuk.

"Maybe you're experiencing human envy" Yesung suggested

"That's a sin" Ryeowook concluded quickly

It all made Donghae feel worse. No matter what the reasoning behind it, it was clear it was a sin.

The angels were silent for a few seconds before Leeteuk suggested that he and Donghae entered heaven. Donghae agreed and the two left the other angels to carry out their assignments.

Time flows differently in heaven then it does on Earth. No one in heaven cares about time; of course there are important events that happen at a certain time, but the concept of time itself holds no meaning there. So in terms of time in heaven Donghae had no idea how long he had been seeing Eunhyuk.

Back on Earth though, it had been 2 months since Donghae and Eunhyuk had met.

Donghae met with Eunhyuk frequently over the last 2 months. He didn't know why he couldn't stay away. Everytime he parted ways with the human he told himself it would be the last time. Yet every time he returned to Earth he found himself in Eunhyuk's company.

It was Dangerous, he knew that. The way the other angels would look at him was proof enough.

He was all but being shunned by his own brothers. And only a handful of them would even talk to him.

"You have to stop seeing the human" Leeteuk demanded

Donghae opened his mouth to speak but got cut off by Sungmin

"You don't understand what is going to happen if you don't" he said

"what is going to happen?" Donghae asked and then Yesung, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun straightened up as if the question was intended for them.

"Do you know what we do Donghae?" Yesung asked. His voice was calm, luring, lulling him into a false sense of security.

"Yes" Donghae responded. Who didn't know what avenging angels did? They exacted punishment. They punished who God told them to punish. There was no escaping their retribution. Because it was God's will.

"Then it's only fair to warn you that you are getting closer and closer to being on our list" Ryeowook informed him. His voice sounded sweet, almost sympathetic, but hidden deep down there was the sound of absolute resolve. He, Kyuhyun and Yesung wouldn't even blink if he ended up on their list.

It made Donghae feel sick.

"Do you know what happens if you end up on that list?" Yesung asked again in that false soothing voice.

Donghae didn't have the power to speak it out loud; being on that list was a fearful thing.

"We will hunt you and your human down" Kyuhyun answered, Donghae paled "and we'll either kill him or have him watch as we rip the wings from your back and damn you to hell" his voice wasn't cold or reprimanding, just stating a simple fact of a simple truth. Angels had to follow rules. Angels who didn't follow the rules had to be punished.

And Donghae had practically broken one of the biggest.

He fell, in a way, in love.

Donghae loved Eunhyuk. Anyone with eyes could see it, even if he couldn't see it himself.

The only thing saving him was the fact that he hadn't acted on his feeling and the fact that he didn't understand what was happening to him.

He was on the verge of damning himself.

"You have to make a choice" Leeteuk said

"You have to get rid of the human" Yesung continued

"Kill him?" Donghae asked

"Yes" Kyuhyun answered

"That would be the easiest way" Ryeowook stated

"And what is the hard way" Donghae asked.

"Get rid of yourself" Yesung said

"I don't understand"

"Erase every memory of yourself from the human" Ryeowook said

"And accept the punishment given to you" Kyuhyun continued

"You have to choose" Sungmin said

"You must choose quickly" Ryeook stated

"You only have an hour to decide" Yesung continued

"And then it's no longer in your hands" Kyuhyun finished

And the three avenging angels walked away, followed soon after by Sungmin.

Only Leeteuk remand behind

"What should I do?" Donghae asked the older

"It's a big mess Donghae" Leeteuk said "But it is all yours. You must fix it yourself" and with that he stood up and left, leaving Donghae alone to think.

Kill Eunhyuk or erase his memory.

"There never really was a choice" he said before he started to walk towards heavens exit.


Tags: forgotten angel, pairing: eunhyuk/donghae

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