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Forgotten Angel Final Part

Title: Forgotten Angel
Part: 4 of 4 (The End)
Pairing: Eunhae
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU!Angel, Angst
Warning: Slightly religious themes (not to heavily though) and No happy ending
Summary: Donghae is and angel, Eunhyuk is a human. Eunhyuk loves Donghae but Donghae can never love Eunhyuk, he is an angel after all.

A/N: Wow, I seriously thought that I had already post this. I was wrong. Sorry it took so long to notice.

The End
"Do you remember the first time we met?" Eunhyuk asked

"I remember everything" Donghae answered


Eunhyuk was silent for a second, contemplating Donghae's words. He felt a twinge of something akin to relief fill his stomach at the thought of Donghae never being able to forget him.

"Why are you doing this?" Eunhyuk felt the urge to ask. At this point he didn't care if he was overstepping some unknown boundary; he wouldn't remember this conversation anyway.

Donghae smiled and Eunhyuk realized how fake that beautiful smile had always been.

"I know it doesn't seem like it" Donghae said "but this really is a gift"

Eunhyuk scoffed "You're right, it doesn't seem like it"

Donghae's smile widened as he brought his finger up to touch Eunhyuk's furrowed brows but Eunhyuk flinched away before the angel could make contact "I don't think I'll ever understand this feeling I get when I'm around you" Donghae spoke honestly.

Eunhyuk visibly gulped, closinghis eyes as if contemplating something. Donghae was confused by the action.

Suddenly and without warning Eunhyuk leaned forward, placing his lips perfectly on Donghae's. The angel leaned away almost as quickly as the contact had been made.

"What was that?" He asked, bringing his hand up to touch his oddly tingling lips. The angel had never experienced anything like that before. Of course he had seen people kiss but he had never expected it to happen to him. It made his stomach twist and turn in an unfamiliar way; he decided this feeling was disgust.

"Why did you do that?" The angel questioned out loud with an underlying tone of revulsion.

Eunhyuk smiled "I won't remember it and you can't feel regret so what does it matter?"

Donghae went silent, all thoughts evaporating inside of his head as his last minutes with the human trickled down. He knew there would be no sign telling him it was time to take the human's memories, there would be no voice, no signal, no nothing. It was all down to Donghae.

Angels were not given choices. They followed orders. This was one of their most absolute laws.

Donghae suddenly turned to stare at the alarm clock on Eunhyuk's night stand.

"There is no time left" the angel spoke out loud

Eunhyuk's gaze fell to the angel glaring at the alarm clock as if it had offended him in some way. The human could have sworn the look on the angel's face was remorse. But according to Donghae, angels didn't feel remorse.

"I guess this is goodbye then" Eunhyuk said, he couldn't stand looking at Donghae anymore. He just wanted to forget about the angel, to forget about the pain in his heart, to forget about the "man" he assumed was his soul mate.

Donghae turned his gaze to the human. Eunhyuk looked undeniably sad. The look made all the wrong places inside of the angel feel cold.

Donghae quickly checked the time and then refocused his attention to the heartbroken human in front of him.

"If you could ask for anything in the world what would you pray for?" the angel asked, almost pleadingly

Eunhyuk looked Donghae in the eyes, thinking the angel must be extremely stupid if he didn't already know the answer.

"That you could stay here with me" Eunhyuk admitted "forever"

Donghae blinked and Eunhyuk was curtain he had seen want, desire and undeniable sadness in the angels eyes before it was quickly masked.

"Something possible" Donghae replied

"Everything is possible Donghae, all you have to do is strive for it"

Donghae smiled at this "Human's are such simple and stupid creatures" he said "very few things in this world are actually achievable"

Eunhyuk turned his head away from Donghae, offended.

Donghae looked at the clock again "Quickly" he said and Eunhyuk turned to face him "Ask me for anything" the angel continued "Within reason"

Defiantly, Eunhyuk asked for one thing he knew was possible but wasn't sure the angel would think so.

"Kiss me" was the human's simple request.

Donghae almost wanted to remind Eunhyuk that he had said "within reason" but couldn't find the power to do so.

So without giving it anymore thought the angel leaned in, pushing away the fuzzy feelings growing in his stomach that he had attributed to disgust, and kissed the human.

Eunhyuk was shocked, even more so when Donghae didn't pull away immediately.

Feeling suddenly brave Eunhyuk put his hands on either side of Donghae's face and pulled him closer, deepening the kiss. The angel did not pull away.

Eunhyuk kissed Donghae with all the love, sadness, regret and anger he felt in his body. It was the kind of kiss that makes your head feel light, like you are floating in the clouds, the kind of kiss that left you breathless when you pulled away.

And when Eunhyuk did pull away he noted, quiet proudly, that the angel still had his eyes shut.

Eunhyuk was only human and like all humans he was a selfish, greedy creature. He was just about to lean in to steal another kiss when suddenly Donghae's eyes opened.

"I'm sorry" the angel said with a sad smile, lifting his finger up to touch Eunhyuk's temple.

That sad smile was the last thing Eunhyuk saw before he passed out, falling back gently onto his bed.

Donghae had just erased all of Eunhyuk's memories.

Quick and painless

That's how Donghae had wanted it to go. No goodbyes. No sad looks. No bartering. No begging.

No feeling.

But Donghae did feel.

He felt...something.

The angel could not associate a word with the feeling so he let the unknown feeling consume him.

It made him feel tired and weak and maybe even a little sad but before Donghae could think anymore about it three figures suddenly appeared behind him.

Donghae stood up to greet the three avenging angels.

"Is it done?" Yesung asked

"Yes" Donghae answered quickly, for fear of upsetting the trio.

Ryeowook walked past Donghae to examine the human. They didn't trust him. It made Donghae feel worse then he already did.

Ryeowook nodded and then headed back to stand next to Yesung.

"Good" Yesung said

"And now for your punishment" Kyuhyun finally spoke; he almost sounded happy about it. Donghae gulped.

"I'm ready for whatever it is" Donghae found the courage to speak.

"We discussed it for a very long time" Ryeowook admitted

"Some of the suggestions were...a little severe" Yesung continued. Donghae was shocked to see both Yesung and Kyuhyun turn their heads to look at Ryeowook.

"In the end we found the perfect solution" Kyuhyun said and Yesung laughed when he saw Ryeowook roll his eyes.

"What is it?" Donghae asked

"It's not so much a punishment" Ryeowook said, a sweet smile gracing his face. Donghae could only nod.

"You have been placed on guardian angel duty" Kyuhyun said "...indefinitely"

"You will watch Eunhyuk as he grows old" Yesung spoke, Donghae didn't think that sounded so bad

"Until the day he dies" Ryeowook continued. This made Donghae's knees feel a little weak, made his head feel 10 pounds heavier and made his eyes sting in a way he had never experienced before.

"Tied forever to the human that nearly brought about your destruction" Kyuhyun said, not even giving Donghae enough time to process the fact that one day, one day Eunhyuk would die.

"And you will never be allowed to interfere" Ryeowook said.

"You will watch his struggles, his successes, his greatest moments and his worst" Yesung continued.

"But if you ever interfere..." Kyuhyun finished, letting the threat die in the silence. Donghae could only nod. And with his silent acceptance the three avenging angels disappeared.

Donghae let the threat spread though his body. There were three things in this world he was absolutely certain of; 1. God was his father, his creator, his reason for existing. 2. Angels followed every order ever given to them, without question. and 3. You never, and I mean never get on an avenging angels bad side.

The sound of shallow breathing diverted Donghae from the fear pooling in his stomach. The angel turned around to unknowingly lay eyes on his own personal hell.

~1 year later

Donghae had seen Eunhyuk struggle, had witnessed his tears, his depression, his fall from humanity. His absence had affected the human more then he knew was possible.

Eunhyuk had spiraled far past self destruction.

The angel had to watch one night stand after one night stand. Had to watch the girls come and go. Had to watch Eunhyuk cruelly toss them aside and pick another one just to start the cycle over again.

It made Donghae...sad? The angel didn't know if that was the right word. It felt so much bigger than sad. But whatever the feeling was, he couldn't do anything about it.

Because Donghae could not interfere

~4 years later

And the meaningless sex no longer appeased Eunhyuk.

The human was lost.

The angel could do nothing, nothing but watch.

Eunhyuk needed help. It was so blatantly obvious. Donghae could only pray that someone, anyone would notice this lost soul and offer him help.

But it never came.

~1 year later

And the feeling of absolute loneliness consumed Eunhyuk. It didn't help that he had completely isolated himself from the world.

But the angel could do nothing.

He couldn't even breathe as he watched Eunhyuk take pill after pill until he too was no longer breathing.

~5 minutes later

A Miracle

That's what Donghae believed.

5 minutes into Eunhyuk's suicide and the landlord walked into the apartment with an eviction notice.

The man had come to evict Eunhyuk but ended up saving his life.

~3 days later

Eunhyuk was no longer on suicide watch.

~1 hour later

Eunhyuk was walking back to his temporary home (his landlord had given him and extended lease) when he literally ran into a woman.

Donghae smiled as he watched Eunhyuk flush red and apologize profusely. The Angel tried to figure out what the big feeling was he felt in his heart, but he couldn't, all he knew was the feeling was complicated.

He was pulled from his thoughts by a foriegn laugh, apparently the woman had enjoyed watching a bumbling Eunhyuk as well.

The angel was no longer smiling and the big complicated feeling was gone

~27 minutes later

Eunhyuk was laughing with the woman. Her name was Hyoyeon. She like to dance. She was funny. And she made Eunhyuk smile.

Donghae didn't understand why he didn't like her.

~1 week later

The two were inseparable.

Eunhyuk was...happy?

The angel was confused. Eunhyuk was different from happy. He didn't know the word.

~4 months later

Donghae learned the word love.

Eunhyuk was in love

~2 years later

Eunhyuk proposed

~1 year later

Eunhyuk was married.

Donghae preferred the one night stands.

~2 years later

Eunhyuk had a son

~1.5 years later

Eunhyuk had a daughter.

~fastforward through the years, Donghae watched Eunhyuk's ups and downs, like a silent stalker. Always there, but never seen.

~60 years later

And the human was dying.

The angel could admit that this...this hurt him.

~1 year later

Eunhyuk was on his death bed.

The night was cold; the air still and all was silent except for the sound of forced breathing and the beeping of machines. Donghae stood at the foot of the bed looking down at the human connected to all the tubes.

If Donghae had not been there every second of Eunhyuk's life the angel might not have recognized him.

The time Donghae spent watching Eunhyuk had gone by in the blink of an eye. Human life was so fleeting.

But even so, in that small amount of time Donghae had realized something. He had realized what that big, complicated feeling he felt inside of him whenever he looked at Eunhyuk. That feeling was love.

His punishment was warranted because the angel did love the human.

Donghae loved Eunhyuk, had probably always loved him and probably always would.

~13 seconds later

Donghae had never heard such a horrible sound. The long beep emitting from the machine monitoring Eunhyuk's heart almost made the angel want to throw it out the window.

~6 minutes later

Eunhyuk was officially dead.

~1 second later

Donghae was free from his punishment.

But he was never freed from the fact that he had loved.

An Angel had loved.

No other angel would ever love again...

But he had loved.

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