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With A Broken Heart We Fell

but maybe we were always destined to be this way

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13 August
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AHHH...UMMM...well...if I knew myself I'd write more, but I don't really know myself that well :) But lets not talk about that right now.

But in all seriousness
You can call me Mika, and I’m hopelessly in love with Yesung ♥. I also love EunHae, which is why I started writing EunHae fanfictions. I’m new to the whole writing thing, so please forgive me if I’m terrible.

I love J-Pop (Kat-tun, Arashi, Tegomass, Flumpool…Ryo Nishikido) and because of J-pop I got introduced to K-pop, which is now my new favorite music ^^ and it’s all thanks to Tohoshinki (a.k.a. DBSK/TVXQ) and Bigbang. Because of them I found Super Junior, which now totally dominates most of my life.

My Bias from Super Junior is and will always be Yesung. The man is just perfect, whenever I’m having a bad day I just watch videos of Yesung and I instantly smile.

My bias from TVXQ is…well actually it depends on the day. I don’t really have a bias, I love them all equally. But I guess if I had to choose (gun to my head situation) I would have to choose…bum bum bum…..suspence………..Yoochun….or Changmin….or maybe Jaejoong…or Yunho….oh or Junsu…(AHHHH! It’s too hard to choose, just shoot me!)

Obviously I was very sad when TVXQ split up but I support both Homin and JYJ’s decision (I’m sure they had a good reason for doing it and a good fan always fallows their idols, no matter what path they take. Always Keep the Faith!) Random fact about me: I cry whenever I watch old video’s of the five of them together…I know, I’m a loser
Luckily for me Super Junior fixed my broken heart when TVXQ split.

My favorite sub group of Super Junior is K.R.Y.

I love all of Super Junior’s voices but I have 5 favorites (Yesung, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Sungmin and Donghae) Which is one of the reasons I love Super Junior KRY so much, Sungmin and Donghae sometimes sing with them :D

Now, I’m not some crazy obsessed fan who spends all day on the computer spazzing and fangirling my life away (I have it under control) I’m a full time College Student, part time magician (I’m called this because I can disappear for weeks on end, without any signs of life)

I’m a down to earth kind of girl who is very easy to get along with. My nickname is Switch because; well according to my friends I’m like an emotional light switch. I can change my mood in a matter of seconds. I don’t really like being angry so I usually get over things quite fast (I think the longest I’ve ever stayed mad was like 10 minutes)

If you want to be friends, just add me, or write me a message or something. I love all of you for reading my crappy fics and I promise I will try to get better at posting them

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